Men's Ring Buying guide

Men's Ring Buying guide
March 13, 2023
Men's Ring Buying guide

Whether you are a bride searching for a sleek band for your fiancé or you're a groom searching for a ring to fit your everyday lifestyle, this article has got you covered. Here you will learn about the important steps, misconceptions, and pointers related to buying a male ring.

Who should buy the Grooms wedding ring?

This is a question I see come up a lot when a couple is about to take the plunge into marriage. The answer lies in tradition. Normally both partners buy each other their rings. That would mean that traditionally the bride would do the buying and the shopping for the groom's ring and vice versa. However, not everything has to be about tradition. Sure, traditional motifs can be as magical as the movies portray, but who says you have to conform to what the picture-perfect idealized wedding has to be. Why not suggest picking out your rings together? You are about to journey into the realm of marriage so why not step into its waters as a couple. Picking your rings together is a great way to bond and add deeper meaning to the rings.

Choosing the right wedding ring for him.

Alright, so it's finally your turn to pick out a ring for him. If you are worried about getting the wrong ring, don't fret, when it comes to rings men are typically simple. Some simply want a gold band with nothing fancy, while others may want a more unique stylized ring. Regardless, even if you get stuck, just talk to your man. Most likely he will be like “oh I already have a cool one in mind,” or he might say something like “I'm fine with whatever as long as it's not flashy”.

All male ring stereotypes aside, this ring is forever. If your man is sporty or active, you might want to consider an alloy that is more flexible and scratch resistant. Sure, you can just buy a new one, but like all rings, they are expensive investments. How many wedding bands do you want to go through in your marriage, the answer should be one, and that's the one he takes to his grave. Keeping hold of the wedding band that was officially used on the big wedding day is so meaningful and special. Plus, if your man is sentimental then this is especially true, and you should get him a strong durable metal like platinum.

But what if your man is all about style and pizzaz? Well maybe you can get him a wedding ring with a diamond centerpiece if that's what he is in too, or maybe you can get a diamond wrap. Not all men desire shiny diamonds, but some do, so it's important to see which setting will fit his style. For example, if you know your man is a businessman why not get him a band with custom band edging, ring finish, and engravings. A professional knows how important it is to look dapper at a corporate meeting or for an interview for a job. But what are band edging, ring finish, and engraving detailing anyway? Read below to find out

  • Band Edging: an edge of a structure that is not perpendicular to the faces of the piece. Essentially a beveled edge
  • Ring's Finish: the texture and look of the metal on your ring. Some finishes include but are not limited to polished, satin, hammered, brushed, etc.
  • Engraving or Detailing: Inscriptions or decorative designs carved into the surface of your ring.

There are so many different customization options such as wood inlays and diamond raps that can really make your husband's ring stand out. We cover this more in our “Men's Style Guide”

Do your rings have to match each other?

While it may be appealing for a bride and groom to get matching or similar wedding rings, this is just another tradition. Like all traditions, they are mere suggestions and don't have to be followed strictly. If you are looking to get identical rings, go for it! However, you might make both husband and wife happier by simply having a single shared element in both of your rings. For example, let's say your husband doesn't want a centerpiece diamond like your flashy perfectly cut heart-shaped ring, big surprise, well maybe you can both pick the same alloy for your band instead. That way both of you have a shared element that you can relate to that can also further represent your bond. Another way you can do this is to have both rings have a shared engraving, maybe you could write each other vows on the interior of the ring perhaps?


A lot of men tend to cheap out when it comes to their wedding band. When it's their turn to make a ring selection they quickly find the cheapest alloys and settings. I believe that this is a mistake and that all men should have a ring that they enjoy and that they are confident in wearing. The best piece of advice when it comes to buying wedding rings is that you should not settle for less than you deserve. This is an epic moment in both of your lives, and you don't want to make a cheap decision that you will regret later. Your wedding rings are something that you and your spouse will be wearing all the time. Men, you will be wearing your ring at the gym, the office, the beach, and probably while changing little Johnny’s diaper. Get a good quality ring you love! You will see it just as much as you see your spouse, might as well make it as pretty or handsome as they are right?

Fun fact: You might have wondered why the “ring finger” is designated to be the traditional place to wear your wedding ring. Well, this idea dates back to ancient Egyptians who believed that the finger between your pinky and the middle finger had a direct vein to the heart. We now know this of course is true as all fingers are connected through veins to the heart, but they believed that this finger had the only vein. Thus, it became a symbol of love when someone wore a ring given by another on that finger with a direct connection to the heart.