Graduation Jewelry Gift Guide

Graduation Jewelry Gift Guide
March 13, 2023
Graduation Jewelry Gift Guide

So, it’s that time of year when the caps and gowns flood the school gymnasiums. But this year your loved one is among the swarm of bobbing tassels, and you want to get them something special. After all, you wanted to congratulate them on all their hard work. Instead of just getting flowers you wanted to do something more, so that's why you're here! In this article, you will learn what the most appropriate jewelry is for your graduate depending on what grade level they are graduating at. Remember that no matter the age or distinction all graduates deserve some graduation bling.

Graduating is an important time in everyone's lives, having a memento to remind you of that special time in your life is something that every kid should have. This way when they grow older, they can look back to the easier days in their lives and even remember the moment that you gave them that special ring.

Ok so now that we've hyped you up and got you thinking about buying your graduate some bling there are a few things to consider first. Before setting out to get your graduate a ring, keep in mind their specific age, style preferences, and milestone. Depending on their graduation grade, you might want to consider getting something particular to that distinction.

Children's graduations:

For the youngins graduating might be more important than you think. Though it certainly isn't as prestigious as college graduation it's still very important, nonetheless. In fact, elementary, middle school, and junior high school graduations are big milestones in a child's educational career and are something they will look back on forever. Make it more meaningful with some precious jewelry that you personally picked out for them, and they will remember that too.

So, what should you get for them for their graduation? To answer this question, we have broken it down into two parts: elementary graduations and middle school/junior high graduations.

Elementary school graduate:

Your little graduate is about to move on to middle school and will probably enjoy just about any jewelry you give them. This is a good thing because you won't have to worry about personalizing the piece too much at this age group.

For the little lady graduates, it's safe to get them practically any bling as long as the piece is shiny and cute. Odds are that regardless of what you get, she will love it and wear it on her first day of middle school. But what happens when she matures? Well, that is why we recommend getting a young girl a pendant with some precious metal and or stones. That way when she gets older, she knows that the jewelry is precious and will be more likely to wear it past middle school and high school, then into her college career and beyond. Pendants are a super easy gift to give to your little graduate especially if she loves gold and diamonds. Plus, at Dunkin's Diamonds, we have so many pendant options for you to choose from at any price range. This way you can either go all out for your little graduate now or wait till she graduates high school, it's up to you!

For the young men graduating elementary school, you can also get them a pendant! We have so many interesting and unique pendants in our collection that any young boy would love to show off on his first day of middle school. However, if your young graduate is the type to run away at the sound of the word “cooties” you might want to stay away from pink jewelry. All jokes aside there are so many customization options to choose from and if we were the young graduate, we would want the opportunity to pick out our own style. Maybe make a surprise and tell him that you and he are going to customize a necklace? No matter how you approach it they will adore the piece for years to come.

One bonus of choosing a pendant as a gift for this age is that they won't outgrow it. The necklace should fit them for years to come and if by some chance it gets too small, they can always get a new chain or add more to their original.

Pro tip: avoid including the year on the pendant. The class year is usually reserved for high school and college graduation so it's best to leave it out. Instead, opt to engrave just their name and maybe a little message of your choice.

Middle School/Junior High graduate:

 The step from middle school to high school is a pretty big leap. Well, at least it was for us. Bodies are changing and maturing, your next-door neighbor is suddenly attractive, it can be scary because it all happens at once. But with changes, come important milestones, events, and even moments that you will, despite what people say, cherish. Charm bracelets are a great gift for a middle school graduate because high school is full of those moments. When you gift them a charm bracelet they can consistently add and subtract things from it depending on what they are going through or how they feel. Plus, we all know we went through a dozen phases in high school, some of which we never grew out of.

If you choose this as your gift option for a middle school graduate, you need to preload the bracelet with some charms before you give it to them. This is where knowing your graduate well can come in handy. We suggest at least 3-4 charms on the bracelet to get it started, you can keep them simple and generic or a little more personalized if you know them well.

What if you want something simpler? If you don’t want to get them a charm bracelet but you do know they want a bracelet you can opt for regular bracelets. In our stores, we offer various types of bracelets in all types of precious metals and stones. We have so many options to choose from such as chain bracelets, plate bracelets, and even leather bracelets.

What if you don’t want to get them a bracelet at all? Like the elementary school graduates, pendants work just as well for middle school graduates. Except you might want to get them something a little more tailored to their personality. 8th grade is the year where most kids begin to come into their new teen personalities be sure you know what that is before you purchase the pendant.

High school graduations:

High school graduation is the big one! Approximately 12 whole years of education deserve something spectacular and certainly more than just flowers. All that hard work, time, and energy spent on getting that diploma are finally coming to an end. And if your graduate got accepted to their dream university it's even more of a reason to celebrate with some jewelry.

But what to get them…

First, before you select the type of jewelry you want to get know that it should probably be personalized. This can be executed in many ways, such as, engraving the graduation year, or including their favorite or birth gemstone.

On to the jewelry!
For high school graduations, you can practically get any type of jewelry for the graduate. At this point in their lives, they most likely understand the meaning of a dollar and won't fuss. However, that doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't go all out with this gift. You can get them a gorgeous pendant with a diamond if you wish, or maybe a gold bracelet with their class year engraved on it. At Dunkin’s Diamonds, we provide a wide array of cosmetic jewelry and even functional jewelry like Rolex watches. A watch might be a great gift for a young man going into college.

The takeaway when deciding what to get a graduate is that you should know them well enough to get them something they will like. Even though the graduate will accept your gift regardless, get them a gift that is just as meaningful as their graduation.

Pro tip: Before you buy them a graduation ring gift, check and see if they already have a class ring, if they did it might be best to get them a necklace, bracelet, earring, or a pendant instead. This way they don’t have 2 graduation rings. We've also heard of some people chipping in to pay for an upgraded class ring for their graduate, this is something to consider and might be the best option depending on the wants of the graduate.

College Graduations:

College graduations mark the entry to full-on adulthood. Gone are the days of partying and staying up late and hello to 9-5’s and weekend brunches with your boss. Therefore, your college graduate is going to want something more sophisticated to add to their jewelry collection. Pieces like pearl necklaces and minimal stud earrings are classy and work great for job interviews, and work functions, and even look good on the job. Your little graduate is all grown up now so get them something that matches their age.

What if you want to keep it classy, but you also want to add a hint of personalization? Well, you can choose to include their birthstone in the jewelry piece. A quiet necklace with their peridot gemstone in the center doesn't scream “overconfident” in a job interview and will add a bit of personal flair to their professional cosmetic wardrobe.

For those graduates going into professional business careers, consider getting them a Rolex watch with some class. Watches are not only useful of course but they also radiate a sense of importance and responsibility from the wearer.

Advanced degree graduations:

 What about those special individuals who take it a step further and get an advanced degree like a doctorate or law degree? These distinctions certainly are something to celebrate as they are extremely hard achievements with merit. A lot of time, energy, and money was spent on getting that degree so shouldn't your gift reflect that?

At this point in a graduate's life, they have been through many graduation ceremonies, received dozens of distinctions, and have walked down many stages. When someone receives their advanced degree, they have grown miles from who they once were when they graduated college. For most students, graduating with an advanced degree was their dream all along. Now they need to make that dream their reality by finding their perfect job. Why not send them on their way with a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

When deciding what to get an advanced degree graduate you first must keep in mind their specific degree. Doctors, for example, would most likely prefer jewelry that won't hinder their movement which will be required to be removed all the time (i.e., rings and bracelets.) Lawyers will probably want jewelry that doesn't make them look too flashy or standoffish, they want professional-looking jewelry to respect the judge and the courtroom. Jewelry such as pearls, stud earrings, or delicate pendant necklaces is great for lawyers.

Final tip

Most importantly, use your best judgment. When conflicted on what to get your graduate for their major achievement imagines yourself in their shoes. No matter the age, distinction, or gender gifting someone a priceless memento for their graduation will always be a success. Just keep in mind their respective years in order to make your gift as amazing as it can be, and you will both be happy.

From Dunkin’s Diamonds, we wish your graduate all the luck they can get for what is to come!