Choosing an Engagement Ring

Choosing an Engagement Ring
March 13, 2023
Choosing an Engagement Ring

You’ve made the decision; you want to take your relationship to the next chapter. Well, you’re in the right place as all good love stories begin with a ring. Here you will learn some tips and tricks to make sure you pick that perfect ring for that perfect person in your life.

How to Buy an Engagement ring:

Step 1: Setting your Budget

You can’t put a price on love; however, it is smart to make yourself comfortable with a price range that works for you. Engagement rings are symbols of eternal love and commitment, why not solidify that bond by being well informed on the costs before jumping in.

If you’re considering where to start when making a budget for your ring, start with the wants of your significant other. Find out exactly what they are looking for so that you can narrow down your price range. Your goal is to find a range that pleases you and your other half, everyone has different personal circumstances and Dunkin’s Diamonds' variety of options can help with that.

Step 2: Choosing your ring setting

The variety of ring settings that Dunkin's Diamonds offers can seem daunting at first. However, to pinpoint which setting is right for you, consider the lifestyle and “aesthetic” of your partner. What type of everyday jewelry do they gravitate towards? Do they typically wear elegant settings, or do they prefer an extravagant center stone with supporting elements? These are questions that can be answered simply by observing your partner's collection that they already wear. For example, if you observe that your partner likes the simpler things in life, get him/her a Solitaire ring setting with a unique diamond that lets them know that they are anything but simple to you. 

However, if this strategy doesn't work for you, your significant other is just too special to be labeled into a ring setting category, make your own category! With Dunkin's Diamonds “Design your own Ring” option you can explore elements of different styles and merge them into the perfect setting.

Step 3: Choosing Your Diamond

From the traditional shapes like round and ovular, to the more flamboyant cuts like marquise and heart, Dunkin’s Diamonds offers all sorts of diamond options. However, choosing your shape is just the beginning of the journey. The most important thing to consider when purchasing your engagement ring is to understand the “4 C’s” of a diamond, the diamond's cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

To learn more about the 4C’s visit our 4C’s education page where we walk you through the ins and outs of the diamond.

Step 4: Finalizing your purchase

You have finally picked or created the perfect engagement ring. This is a big moment in you and your partner's lives together and Dunkin’s Diamonds is honored to be there with you. This ring you have selected is precious and so is your money. So, when you go to ultimately purchase your perfect ring know that Dunkin’s Diamonds has got you covered. Partnered with Zillion we will make sure your ring is protected against, theft, loss, and even damage.

Step 5: Get down on one knee 

Now it's time to take action. No matter where or how you propose you now have the most important piece of the puzzle: Your ring! Enjoy the look on your partner's face when they see their new Dunkin’s Diamonds’ ring shine brightly like your future will be together.