Anniversary ring guide

Anniversary ring guide
March 13, 2023
Anniversary ring guide

Whether it be a 10,15, 20, or even a 50-year anniversary, a ring is always a perfect way to represent the many moments you and your loved one have spent together and are yet to come. Wedding anniversaries are extra special because they symbolize how strong your love is for each other and how it has stayed that way through all obstacles that life throws at you. Plus, it's important to get your spouse a ring that is just as strong and powerful as that everlasting bond is.

So, if you are stuck wondering what ring could possibly suffice for the time you have spent together, don't worry because Dunkin’s Diamonds has you covered in this article.

No rules!

The first thing to know when buying an anniversary ring is that there are no rules. I know it's freeing right? While wedding and engagement rings have so many traditions and customs tied to them anniversary rings don't. Anniversary bands are gifts that you give to your significant other to tell them that you would marry them all over again. Plus, you can even design the ring in the image of your loved one without their help as you certainly know them well enough by now.

Step 1: Where to begin…

It's finally time to go out and get another ring for the person you love. But your anniversary is soon approaching, and fast, and you don't even know where to begin! Well, a good place to start is with understanding where your loved one will wear their ring. Will they put it on their right hand? Will they stack it with their wedding and engagement rings? As stated before there are no rules, but it's still important to get a general understanding first of where they will most likely put their ring. There is no definitive tradition on where to wear your anniversary band so it's completely up to both of you. Understanding where to put the ring is a good place to start because it allows you to figure out the correct ring size for your partner sooner. You can’t buy them a ring without knowing the correct size after all. This step is a lot easier if your significant other plans on putting the anniversary ring on the same finger as their engagement ring, the sizes should be the same.

Note: don't just assume you know their ring size even if it's on the same finger. Finger sizes change with time and environmental circumstances so double-check to be sure.

Step 2: Style!

Okay so you have their size now and you are almost positive you know which hand and finger it will go on. The next step is to choose your anniversary ring design. There are plenty of unique and interesting options to choose from at Dunkin’s Diamonds so that you can pick the right one for you. Though, before you go exploring, below is an extensive list of popular anniversary band designs and styles that you might desire.

Solitaire rings: A solitaire ring features one stone in the center of the ring. They usually have supporting designs that surround the stone to emphasize its natural beauty. They also tend to be simpler and because of that, it draws the eye toward what matters most, the diamond. Solitaire engagement rings are a great way to formulate your own tradition of love and appreciation. Since these rings feature one extravagant stone, why not get your partner a new ring with a different stone for every decade! There are a lot of different ways you can approach this. Some ring buyers will designate different stones for different big miles stones in their marriage. For example, a diamond solitaire ring for their 10-year anniversary or an emerald necklace for their 50-year.

Three-Stone Ring: Another popular anniversary ring setting is a triple setting. This setting features three diamonds placed side by side. Typically, you either see a large center diamond with two smaller supporting stones or 3 equally sized brilliant diamonds. Because of the nature of the 3 main diamonds, this ring symbolizes a trinity, the past, present, and future of your lives together. This makes the diamond even more appealing as it adds a deeper meaning that you can tie to your anniversary.

Here are some other ways the trinity of a triple-stone ring can symbolize your relationship:

  • If you're a religious person some people say the holy trinity of the catholic faith can be represented in this ring setting: The father, the son, and the holy spirit
  • It could also symbolize how your family has grown since your marriage. For example, one diamond represents you, the second represents your partner, and the last diamond represents your child or the possibility of one.

Five-Stone Rings: Five stone ring settings display 5 diamonds, typically of equal carat, that wrap around the side of the diamond. These rings look exceptional in channel or trellis settings. These 5-stoned rings are quite popular among anniversary rings as they look amazing and can also be used as a perfect 5-year anniversary gift.

Eternity bands: An eternity band features diamonds that wrap around the entirety of the ring’s band. These rings are extremely popular anniversary band options as they are perfect symbols of everlasting love. The endless nature of the diamonds, which seem to have no beginning or end, is perfect for wedding anniversaries that are all about showing your loved one your unwavering relationship. Because of their popularity, Dunkin’s Diamonds offers many different variations of eternity bands which include but are not limited to…

  • Channel set rings: Channel set eternity bands detail diamonds that are placed inside the band surrounded by a protective wall of your chosen alloy. Because the diamonds are inset into the band's channel and wrap all the way around, they appear to be seamless and completely uniform
  • Trellis setting: features overlapping prongs that seem to elegantly hold your gemstone atop of your ring. They are very popular for any engagement ring but look astounding on eternity bands.
  • Scallop setting: these settings form delicate-like prongs that when viewed from the side appear to have a scalloped shape.
  • Floating bezel: this setting has your metal encircling around each and every diamond set into your eternity ring. The overall effect is a ring that appears to be getting a nice warm hug from your alloy.
  • Multiple rows: This setting is much like a typical eternity band, but instead of having just one row it has multiple rows of diamonds that wrap around the whole band. These anniversary rings can feature dozens of diamonds on one ring.
  • Twisted/Entwined: The ring setting is extremely beautiful as it takes a part of the diamond's band, splits it into two parts, and then intertwines them so they twist and weave in and out of each other. This design choice looks great on an eternity ring as it adds yet another level of symbolism. The twisting and overlapping metal symbolize how you and your partner work in tandem and are a force to be reckoned with. (this is our personal favorite setting if you couldn't tell)

Note before moving on to the next step: all these rings don't have to have diamonds as their main stone, they can have rubies, sapphires, or even emeralds to represent the many years of your lives you have spent together.

Step 3: Making sure your design matches:

Now that you have selected a design, you have the added option of making sure it matches.  This step is especially important if your partner is stacking their anniversary ring with their wedding and engagement rings. Even though there are no strict traditions when it comes to anniversary rings it's still important to keep in mind how all 3 rings will work together.

Why consider matching?

Well, the obvious benefit of having your rings match is that they will all look great when worn together. This is a given as no one wants to look at rings that look tacky next to each other. That's why here at Dunkin’s Diamonds we can have our on-location expert jewelers help you pick a style that complements your other rings. I love to stress the difference between diamond rings that match and those that complement each other. Sure, you can have diamond rings that look very similar in style and that match. But helping you find different styles that complement each other and at the same time enhance each ring's features is the goal.

Step 4: Present the anniversary ring

You have sized the ring, styled the ring, and made sure the ring works well with their other rings, it is now finally time to present your ring. No matter how you decide to give your loved one your anniversary ring, know that just giving them a ring is already super thoughtful. Your husband/wife is really going to love their new ring that represents how you would marry them over and over again.