14kt Rose Gold Bellarri Pink Opal Necklace


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From the 'SILK ROAD COLLECTION' one custom designed pendant set in 14kt rose gold. The pendant contains approx. 0.29ct of genuine Diamonds and 12.05ct of center genuine Pink Opal.
Embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of the 'SILK ROAD COLLECTION' with our exclusive custom-designed pendant—a radiant masterpiece meticulously crafted in the delicate embrace of 14kt rose gold. This pendant transcends mere jewelry; it is a wearable testament to the cultural diversity and timeless allure inspired by the historic Silk Road. The pendant, set in the warm glow of 14kt rose gold, exudes a soft and romantic allure, providing the perfect backdrop for the mesmerizing center gemstone. At its heart lies a magnificent 12.05ct genuine Pink Opal, a gemstone known for its ethereal beauty and captivating hues. The Pink Opal, with its delicate yet vibrant coloration, symbolizes the soft elegance that characterized the treasures exchanged along the Silk Road. Surrounding the Pink Opal are approximately 0.29ct of genuine diamonds, strategically set to enhance the overall brilliance of the pendant. The diamonds, chosen for their exceptional quality and sparkle, create a celestial halo that mirrors the sparkling stars that guided the Silk Road travelers on their cultural journey. The thoughtful design of the pendant captures the essence of the Silk Road's influence on art and aesthetics. The Pink Opal, with its alluring play of color, represents the diverse cultures and landscapes encountered along the historic trade routes. As part of the 'SILK ROAD COLLECTION,' this pendant invites you to immerse yourself in the cultural richness and artistic expression that defined the Silk Road. Whether worn as a symbol of global appreciation, a celebration of individuality, or a cherished keepsake, let this pendant be a reflection of the timeless allure that defines the 'SILK ROAD COLLECTION.' Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of this extraordinary pendant, where every facet tells a story of cultural diversity and contemporary sophistication.
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