1 1/2ctw Lab Grown Diamond Earrings


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1 1/2ctw Lab Grown Diamond Earrings
These 1 1/2ctw Lab Grown Diamond stud earrings will be loved by all fashion lovers. These impeccable earrings from Alpha Lab Grown Diamonds won’t lose shine over time. Made of 14k white gold, these earrings have a fine and polished feel.

The luxury earrings have Lab-grown diamond stones that impart an enthralling glow. The round stones have finely crafted facets that reflect light.

About Alpha Lab Grown Diamonds:

Alpha Lab Grown Diamonds are the most eco-friendly and socially responsible way to get the glamorous, classic look of diamond jewelry. Changes in technology have allowed for the creation of lab-grown diamonds that are just as brilliant and sparkling as naturally occurring stones. Alpha Lab Grown Diamonds are generally 30% less expensive than diamonds yet are still chemically the same as mined diamonds. Every single Alpha Lab Grown Diamonds is type 2A - arguably the most beautiful type of all diamonds possessing little to no nitrogen. They must possess no tint to be considered an Alpha Lab Grown Diamond, making them the perfect cost and eco-friendly alternative.
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