Youthful in Yellow (jewelry and style guide)

Yellow is the color of a bright summer sun, a vibrant dandelion, or a freshly picked lemon. It's a color that renews and feels fresh and inviting, no wonder it makes for fantastic jewelry. There are so many different yellow gemstones on the market that not only look gorgeous but also make you feel energetic and lively.

Why choose yellow?

Yellow is one of those colors that is either loved or hated, not many people find it appealing as it can be very bright and in your face. But that's why we think it's a perfect option for jewelry that speaks volumes. If you love this color you know exactly what we mean, yellow deserves more love, it's a primary color after all. In order to make our case to you and prove that yellow gemstones are fabulous, this article is dedicated to the best of the best yellow stones. Here you will learn what yellow gemstones are the best for any jewelry style, setting, or outfit.

The Yellow Gemstones

Yellow Diamond

Did you know the true color of diamonds is theorized to be yellow? Yellow diamonds are one of the best options for a yellow jewelry collection. They are the strongest gemstone on the market, extremely brilliant, and have so many applications. Since diamond is the go-to wedding and engagement ring option, they are certain to have people asking questions.

Wearing a yellow diamond: The best way to style out with that gorgeous yellow diamond is with a ring. Yellow diamond rings are super energetic and are truly great alongside any skin tone. Darker complexions rock yellow stones due to the nice contrast in color. But if you are not getting married anytime soon wedding and engagement rings aren't the only way you can get a yellow diamond ring. You can buy one for yourself for any occasion, or if you are an April baby you can get a yellow diamond ring to show off how much you love being a spring baby.

But what if you don't want to buy a ring? If this is you don't worry as diamonds score a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale so they can be worn in practically any fashion, even on your teeth. However, we’d advise against yellow diamond for teeth decals, the color doesn't suit well on teeth, for obvious reasons

What to wear a yellow diamond with: one of the most common outfits worn with a yellow diamond is deep blue outfits. The cool blue tones of the outfit accentuate the brightness and warmth of the yellow diamond super well. Plus, deep blue outfits are a solid in-between for being both classy and casual, throw in that yellow diamond and you have the perfect outfit.

Yellow Sapphire

Another stone from the wonderful Corrundum family is yellow sapphire! Yellow sapphire is the wallflower color of the sapphire family as we feel like it doesn't get enough time in the spotlight. It's by far one of the best colors within the rainbow of hues that is corundum. The ironic thing is yellow sapphire is said to help the gemstone bearer in their pursuit of fame, but the stone does get enough fame for itself. Read on to find out how to wear yellow sapphire to its greatest potential to give it and yourself some much-deserved popularity.

Wearing yellow sapphire: yellow sapphire is a great gemstone to pair with other sapphires in the corundum family. Pairing yellow sapphire with orange sapphire side stones will make for a vibrant ring that resembles a fiery sunset. Plus, since sapphire scores a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale you can pair it with diamond, a stone that scores a 10, this combination will make for an indestructible ring combination. We all thought we were indestructible in our youths, but this combination is living that dream for us. You should wear these pairings, and ones like it, as pendants and rings where the gemstone will be front and center.

What to wear yellow sapphire with: You can wear yellow sapphire with a cute white skirt and floral blouse to go for a spring theme. This outfit will look exceptional if you make the yellow sapphire into a pendant. The necklace will act like a sunflower on your chest and the outfit will just scream spring and youth. However, if you not planning on going for a theme solid colored outfits look amazing with yellow sapphire as well.

Yellow Topaz:

Topaz comes in a bunch of different colors, from wonderous blues to rich dark oranges. However, the most popular and arguably the prettiest is the yellow topaz variety. Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine making it a colorless stone, however, trace elements deep within its atomic structure are what make topaz into that phenomenal yellow color. If you are a yellow fan this is an iconic stone that you need to add to your collection, it just screams with vibrancy and will make your feel young again.

Wearing Yellow Topaz: The best way to wear yellow topaz is by setting it in gold. Gold and yellow go hand in hand in jewelry and are truly made for each other. If you choose to go this route, we would consider getting them set as rings or pendants. The gold and topaz combo yearns to be front and center on your body where it can shine brightly. Another beautiful way to wear topaz is with a yellow topaz stud earring. The subtle addition of a little topaz on your body goes a long way, the bright yellow hue will be like a beacon of youth and warmth for those around you.

Additionally, topaz is the birthstone of the month of November. November babies sometimes wear their topaz in its crystal form around their necks. This way they have the purest uncut form of their precious birthstone on them at all times.

What to wear yellow topaz with: you can wear yellow topaz with practically any outfit. However, the best way to wear topaz is in darker colors like black dresses. The dark colors will create a wonderful backdrop for your yellow topaz to shine off of.


 Another fantastic yellow gemstone is citrine, and it's also another fantastic November birthstone. November babies sure did get lucky with getting two amazing yellow gemstones. Citrine ranges from pure yellow to a rich brownish orange. Even though all its shades are wonderful some people like different shades of citrine more than others. However, the almost pure yellow variety is deemed to be one of the best gemstones for engagement rings as it is super lively and glorious to look at. Since its sunset orange variety is the most common, the yellower citrine stones tend to be rarer. After all, we know the rarer the stone the happier the fiancé. we think that is how the saying goes, right? Or was it happy wife happy life? Same difference.

Wearing citrine: like most of the gemstones on this list, gold is a perfect counterpart to citrine. Specifically yellow gold has a wonderful skill to unify and ground the citrine into its setting. Yellow gold and citrine stones make for great rings because they look like a gemstone that was touched by King Midas himself. Plus, citrine is the 13th wedding anniversary gemstone. If you are considering this stone for an anniversary, you should also consider adding diamond side stones to it. At Dunkin’s Diamonds, we provide a large array of citrine and diamond ring options for any anniversary.

What to wear Citrine with: Citrine can be worn with any color of dress or suit because it has a multitude of shades. However, if you wanted to go all out on the youthful citrus vibe you can opt to wear pastel orange or kaki clothing, these colors make the citrine meld with your outfit instead of being just a simple addition to it.

Golden Beryl:

A sister stone to emerald and aquamarine, golden beryl is a magnificent yellow gemstone with a large spectrum of colors that range from pastel yellow to vibrant gold. Like aquamarine, golden beryl has eye-clean transparency that makes the stone extremely popular for wedding rings and pendants. But unlike Emerald, golden beryl has a very high clarity allowing for enhanced brilliance of the stone.

Wearing golden beryl: Not only will wearing golden beryl look fabulous, but it also feels awesome, especially if you wear it the right way. Golden beryl is meant to be matched with yellow gold. The golden hue of the stone works too well with our precious golden alloy that it's truly a match made in heaven. Once you put these two elements together you will feel amazing as if you have a priceless work of art on your body. Plus, you can take it a step further and add a third element, a diamond! Adding diamond side stones to the golden beryl and yellow gold band will make the setting into a trinity of absolute perfection. A setting like that is fit for any queen, bride, or groom.

What to wear golden beryl with:

‘Silver and gold

Silver and gold

Everyone wishes

For silver and gold’

If you want to wear golden beryl well the answer lies in that famous Rudolph the Rednose Raindeer Christmas movie song. Simply pair it with silver! A gorgeous silver gown or bodice would look stunning with the royal appeal of the golden gemstone. Something about having two precious alloy colors next to each other emphasizes how rare and luxurious they are.


 Having more “fire” than diamond, sphene rocks the yellow gemstone world with its high dispersion and vibrant allure. Sphene is typically associated with being a yellow stone that can have different variations such as lime green, black, or even gray.

Wearing sphene: ranging from a 5 to a 5.5 on the Mohs hardness scale it's a very soft gemstone. This makes sphene great for necklaces and pendants but not the safest on rings because they are soft and can scratch easily. Don't let this fool you as earrings and pendants are still great ways to show off sphene. Plus, if you still want a yellow ring on your outfit, you can even pair sphene pendants with different yellow gemstone rings such as yellow sapphire.

What to wear sphene with: you can wear sphene with anything you might wear yellow sapphire with as the colors feel similar. Check out the yellow sapphire section to see some possible style options.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Yellow Garnet: Also known as hessonite, this variety of garnet is almost as popular as its red variety. It's known for having deep yellow hues that seem to almost dip into a sunset orange color.
  • Yellow Jade: Are u looking for a smooth yellow gemstone that is calming to look at and touch? If so, yellow jade is perfect for you as it's a super smooth gemstone. Even though not a true jade variety it's still a fascinating stone and is often referred to as ‘butter quartz” because of how smooth and cloudy it is.
  • Scapolite: Often confused with citrine, this gemstone is a rich honey yellow color with markings that resemble a cat's eye. This gemstone is much rarer than its doppelganger citrine and softer scoring about a 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale.
  • Amber: as a stone that is actually a fossilized gem, this stone goes down in the history books as a very old and very gorgeous gemstone. This made the honorable mentions because the stone is usually associated with orange and not yellow. Fun fact: Amber is a 30 million-year-old fossilized tree sap.
  • Yellow Zircon: often used as costume jewelry for movies and tv shows, yellow zircon is a perfect substitute for the yellow diamond if you are on a budget. It has an intense sparkle, maybe even more so than diamond, making it a popular alternative for engagement rings.

Bask in that warm yellow light:

Now you are equipped with the tools you need to formulate the best yellow outfit with the best yellow gemstone. If you don't know which stone to choose don't worry you can try them all and no one will stop you!