Valentine's Day Jewelry Guide

Valentine's day is just around the corner. So, it's almost time for you to show your significant other how much you love and appreciate them. Even though you should be doing that every day, it's still nice to have a designated day to spend quality time with each other. What better way to show the love of your life that you are still obsessed with them than with some brand-new Dunkin’s Diamonds Jewelry?

In this article, we will be covering a wide variety of possible Valentine’s Day gifts that will certainly make him/her swoon over you. Plus, if you plan on doing a valentine’s engagement or wedding, stick around for that as well as some of these options work great for the big day as well!

Preparing your valentines day.

Knowing what to get your valentine can be difficult at times, you don't want to get them something too cliché and you want to be sure that your gift is unique to your relationship. So what do you get them? Chocolates, roses, fine jewelry? Why not all of the above and more?!

But before we do any of the candy buying or the fine jewelry hunting you will need to think of a time and a place to take your lover. Maybe their favorite restaurant, the first place you met, or even a nature trail/park where you can watch the sunset pour through the trees.  Once you get your location set, it's time to search for some fine jewelry. Read on to discover all of the wonderful options that Dunkin’s Diamonds has to offer.

Valentine's day Necklaces and Pendants

Necklaces are an all-time favorite jewelry accessory that is sure to bring a smile to your significant other's face. There are so many unique options to pick from in our store that it might be difficult to narrow down to a select few. Luckily, we did some of the hunting for you and compiled some of our greatest valentine’s day jewelry into a smaller collection for your ease.

Silver Classic Book Rhythm of Love Pendant

This necklace among others has a wonderful heart shape appeal. Hearts symbolize fire, passion, and a yearning for a strong connection. Show your lover your connection runs deeper than the surface and gift them this masterly crafted pendant. The rich ruby-colored gemstone makes for a beautiful centerpiece to the necklace, and it's heart-shaped as well which is totally fitting for Valentine's Day! The sterling silver chain also makes the pendant seem bright and lively like your life is with your partner. This piece is a great budget-friendly option for your valentine this year as it's going for around 129 USD on our online store.

To The Moon Silver Pendant

True love is like serene moonlight casting through your window. So why not gift your valentine a necklace that lets them know they shine bright like the moon itself? Engraved with the phrase “I love you to the moon and back” this pendant represents how vast your love is for your significant

other. Gift yourself and a loved one these necklaces to share the moonlight together for an eternity and then some.

Diamond interlocking hearts Pendant

What about a necklace that represents how much of a power couple you and your partner have become? This interlocking heart pendant features a duality of white gold and rose gold. This duality represents the strong partnership and bond that you are your partner share. Consider purchasing this lovely piece for your valentine as it will do anything but disappoint.

Silver Diamond Twin Heart Pendant

Sometimes love is boundless, so vast in fact that a simple single-heart necklace would never be enough. The pendant features not one but two silver-styled hearts. One heart is covered in diamonds while the other is a clean shiny silver. Together these two hearts represent how love compounds infinitely and has many beautiful layers.

Valentine's day rings

Rings are a powerful way of showing your partner that you are committed to them for yet another valentine’s season. Though, if this is your first valentine’s day with your love the ring can be seen as a promise to be with them till the end of time. Either way diamond rings are stunning in any Valentine's Day scenario, especially when partnered with chocolates and roses. Continue on to see a wide array of precious settings that are certain to catch your eye and capture the heart of your valentine.

14k Diamond Ring 1 1/2 Ctw

What about a diamond ring that screams “you are loved” to your partner every time they see it? After all, the more diamonds there are on a ring determines how much they love you, right? All jokes aside this ring truly shines with the brilliance of 14k white gold and diamonds. With such a large array of stones, you are certain to drop the jaws of everyone around you and of course your valentine. You may not be interested in anyone but your love, but you are sure to make all of their friends jealous with this ring.

Silver Engagement Ring

Elegance is an important phrase when it comes to jewelry. Especially when the ring is designed to be given to someone who is the most elegant in your eyes. The ring displayed here is one of the most elegantly crafted budget diamond rings that Dunkin’s Diamonds offers. It's so beautiful that is perfect as a valentine’s day gift or even as an engagement ring! No matter the occasion, if your partner loves the elegant things in life they will for sure melt into your arms after receiving this ring. Plus, if you plan on asking them to marry you around valentine’s day then this is a perfect choice at a perfect price.

14k White Gold 3/4 tdw Diamond Halo Wedding Set

If you or your valentine is a fan of the refined and sophisticated, then this is the ring for you. This diamond ring has a lovely white gold band featuring a dazzling pear-shaped diamond that is nestled in a perfectly fitting halo. Plus, with beautiful diamonds down the shank, the ring is sure to wow the ring bearer for a very long time. This ring also works as a perfect anniversary ring for your loved one.

10k White Gold Infinity Diamond Heart Ring

Have you ever wanted diamonds shaped like a heart? Well, now it's in arms reach with this gorgeous diamond ring. Accentuated with loads of round diamonds this ring has so much to look at. It's a perfect valentine’s day gift for a loved one who is obsessed with cute hearts or loves ornamentation. The leaf-like side treatment that surrounds the main diamond piece is spectacular to look at and it's even more spectacular to wear. Plus, the band is made from a stunning 10k white gold which gives the ring its luxurious appeal.

10k Rose Gold Infinity Diamond Ring

What about a ring that expresses your eternal bond and love for each other? This eternity-style ring features an appropriately themed twist of two ribbon-like pieces. This results in what appears to be two pieces spinning together infinity and forever, much like you and your partner. Coming in a bunch of different variations you can get this ring in luxurious rose gold, traditional yellow gold, or regal white gold.

Valentine’s Day Earrings

A perfect complement to his or her outfit for your Valentine's Day dinner has got to be earrings. Earrings are like the icing on the cake to any outfit and they work super well with necklaces. We recommend buying your love a nice pair of earrings to match nicely with their style.

Pavé Diamond Heart Earrings

If you are a fan of heart-themed gifts that you always see on valentine’s day, then this earring collection is an exquisite addition to your outfit. When looking at these earrings you can't help but feel overwhelmed by the mass of brilliance that is these studs.

Additionally, each earring has so much sparkle that you might blind your date in all its brilliance. If this sounds like it would appeal to your date’s fancy, then you are lucky because these earrings are also budget-friendly!

Diamond Open Ribbon Heart Stud Earrings

If you still can’t get enough of hearts this Valentine’s Day season then these other stud earrings should hopefully satisfy your cravings. Dunkin’s Diamonds offers heart jewelry and things like it that are true showstoppers.

These budget-friendly earrings are made from a comfortable and light sterling silver that will give your ears that much-needed breathing room. With 5 channel set diamonds each, you can be sure that you will be showing off some luxurious bling without the cost of a heavy stud. If you can't see how perfect these earrings are then you might be a valentine’s day scrooge (if one exists).

Jokes aside consider this earring for your valentine this February.

Amethyst and Diamond Rose Gold Earrings

Buying your valentine an eccentric and flamboyant earring is a great way to brighten up their heart. Jewelry such as these pretty flower pedal earrings meets this mark, especially with their princess-cut amethyst stones. The 14-karat rose gold of these earrings generates a beautiful contrast that will stun any onlooker. If you’re looking for jewelry for your partner that will make a statement then you are in the right place.

14kt White Gold Diamond Round Stud Earrings 1 1/2ct

What if you're interested in something a little simpler? Something that shines on its own without the help of an eccentric design or a heart-shaped cliché. If this is the case for you then these 1 ½ ctw diamond earrings are a perfect choice for you. These diamond earrings take the spotlight all by themselves without the need for any fancy flourishes or enhancements. These diamonds earrings are so enchanting on their own that they are sure to light up any room your valentine wears them in

Valentine’s Day Bracelets

 If you already purchased them some earrings, a necklace, and a pendant you might as well get them a bracelet too! It's finally time to finish off your perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one and buy them a shiny new bracelet.

Bracelets come in all different shapes and sizes, but the important thing is you find one with a lot of diamonds on it. Here you will discover just how important a well-made bracelet is when completing a jewelry collection for Valentine’s Day. You can't just gift them a ring, the ring will get lonely eventually.

Silver Diamond Classic Book Bolo Bracelet - 1/8 ctw

As you have probably already noticed, hearts are a popular theme amongst Valentine’s Day jewelry. Bracelets are no exception to this notion as there are plenty of them that exhibit all different types of hearts. This bracelet has a lovely array of hearts lined in a row with alternating features. Some of these hearts stand out with their luxurious yellow while others shine bold and brilliant with diamonds. If you or your loved one continues to be a sucker for hearts, this is a perfect bracelet to match their heart ring or necklace.

Diamond Fashion Bracelet

Is your partner a fan of all things floral? Do they have a green thumb perhaps? If so, then this bracelet is perfect for them as it features a latticework of leaf-shaped diamonds. This dainty design has a wonderful pattern of floral-like qualities sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.  The bracelet consists of marquise-shaped diamonds and floral lattice mounts giving the effect that sparkling flowers are growing on a vine of silver.

Silver Classic Infinity Bolo Bracelet

Infinite love is another recurring theme amongst young lovers and valentine’s day. Why not reciprocate the trope by buying your significant other a bracelet that represents that idea? This budget-friendly bracelet exhibits a lovely figure 8 or infinity symbol that represents what it means to be intertwined in love endlessly. Coming in a clean silver finish you can't get anything better for the price.

Gemstone & Diamond Bracelet

What if you wanted something more than just diamonds on a bracelet for your love? What if they're so special that they deserve diamonds and much, much more? If this is the case for your man or woman then this bracelet is the way to go. This design features a lovely pattern of ruby and diamond. Plus, this bracelet, and many like it, are customizable with the ability to change which type of gold or gemstone is featured in it. If this kind of personalization and flexibility sounds perfect, then you might have found yourself the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day season.

The day has arrived!

Whether it be your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, lover or fiancé, valentine’s day is the perfect time to show them you care with a magnificent collection of jewelry. Hopefully, this guide inspired you to gift them a whole bunch of different pieces or one super nice setting. After all, you can never gift someone too much jewelry, can you?