Sell Your Diamonds


At Dunkin’s Diamonds we buy diamonds of all shapes and sizes. If you are looking to sell your diamond jewelry or loose diamonds our experienced GIA-trained appraisers have analyzed diamonds from all over the world and will work to provide you with the best price for your precious diamonds. As a top, local diamond buyer, we make sure you and your diamonds have white glove service.

We Buy Diamond Jewelry

We buy all diamond jewelry and offer the best price when you sell diamonds. We are local, industry experts and utilize a phenomenal group of buyers to buy your diamonds.

How We Test and Examine the Diamonds You Are Selling

When reviewing your diamond jewelry, each piece you bring in is carefully tested using state of the art technology as well as examined by our GIA Graduate Gemologists. We confirm your diamonds are real using diamond testers that measure heat and fluorescence.

Heat Absorption

When testing diamond jewelry, we measure the rate in which heat will move through the stone to determine its genuineness. Heat passes through a diamond differently than it does cubic zirconia or glass.

Electrical Conductivity

Moissanite on the other hand does conduct heat like diamonds. Because of this, we also employ a device that utilizes electrical conductivity to test stone which provides greater accuracy, while also recognizing metal if we unknowingly touch any setting the stone may be in.

Visual Inspection

Dunkin’s Diamonds expert GIA Graduate Gemologist inspects your diamond jewelry using a triplet-type, 10 X loupe, which inhibits distortion of the colors and image throughout the vision field. This allows us to get a strong view of the cut, clarity, color of your diamond. These attributes help us determine the worth of the diamond along with the carat size.

Market Demand

Finally, once your diamonds are appraised, we get in touch with our buyers for pricing on how much your diamond is worth in the market. Utilizing this information, we present an offer to you for your diamond jewelry.

The 4C's of Diamonds

At Dunkin’s Diamonds we examine and test your diamonds to confirm authenticity. While examining your diamonds, we look at the 4C’s:

Your diamonds’ color, clarity, cut and carat size. This information will factor into your offer amount. Learn about the 4C’s!