Ruby Jewelry Style Guide

That quintessential red brilliance of the ruby attracts everyone who sees it. Plus, as the temptress of the gem world, ruby will certainly grant you that same attention when you wear them. Ruby’s deep blood-red hue gives this astounding sense of luxury, wealth, and prosperity that only seeing them in person can portray. Additionally, as the official birthstone for July, rubies have taken popularity in many accessories such as bracelets, earrings, and even pendants. In this article, you will learn everything you need about rubies and how to wear them with style and confidence.

So what is a ruby?:  Well rubies are more than just the gemstone used for 40th wedding anniversaries, they are mesmerizing and are, in a lot of cases, an extremely rare sight. Rubies, one of the 4 primary precious gemstones, are extremely durable and gorgeous. Their natural red hue comes from trace elements of chromium in the stone that have been embedded into the stone's crystalline structure. With proper heating tools, ruby becomes the reddest gemstone out there. But not all rubies are created equal. The more chromium a ruby has the redder it becomes, it's a simple concept that can make one ruby cost way more than the next.

So why are rubies so rare? Well for one they are PERFECT! Rubies have one of, if not the best, even dispersion of color, clarity of stone, and saturation. In short, they have it all, and because of that gemstone buyers can't help but get their hands on the stuff. Therefore, their popularity mixed with their grandeur makes rubies so rare. However, not all rubies have the same rarity. For example, Cambodian sunset and star rubies are the rarest rubies out there and can go for millions of dollars in certain quantities.

Ruby engagement and wedding rings!

As the color of love, fire, and passion, rubies make a great engagement or wedding ring option. The gorgeous red to pink variations of the stone make for such a romantic wedding ring and will certainly turn heads. It's not every day you see a man propose with a vibrant Cambodian Sunset Ruby. Rubies are one of the 4 precious stones and can be even rarer than diamonds. In other words, you certainly won't have to worry about the ring coming across as cheap, rubies are far from cheap. Below is a little excerpt on different ways you can present or receive a ruby ring.

Halo set rubies:

Halo Ruby Ring

One of the greatest settings for rubies is the halo setting. The halo ring setting consists of the centerpiece ruby stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds. The orientation of the surrounding diamonds acts like a halo that wraps around the gemstone and thus draws all the attention to the center. Using a diamond halo wrap is a great choice for those who still want diamonds incorporated into their wedding ring but don’t want it to overpower the beauty of the ruby.

Solitaire Ruby Rings: Rubies are gorgeous on their own so let them shine on their own. Solitaire ruby rings are a great way to show off your love for red. When you wear a solitaire ruby there is nothing distracting you or the audience from basking in that sunset ruby light. Think of it this way, if the gemstone is so precious and beautiful, don’t give it any unneeded support, it will only distract from the most important piece. However, this does not mean side stones or alternative metals don’t work well with rubies, they certainly do. We are just saying that for someone who adores rubies, give them the spotlight they deserve.

Ruby ring with side stones:

Ruby ring with side stones

Diamond is the go-to stone for engagements. Though, that doesn't mean ruby cannot be implemented into the ring somehow. Ruby and many other precious stones look great together and can even enhance the overall appeal of your ring. When deciding what to pair a ruby with know that there are no bad ideas, but there may be some ill-advised ones. Below are a few ways you can intertwine ruby and other stones to make your ring pop!

Here are some side stone alternatives if you don’t want a diamond side stone setting:

  • Diamond: Two smaller diamond side stones look great next to that vibrant ruby. Because the ruby is so saturated the crystal-clear diamonds won't take up too much of the spotlight on the ring.
  • Emerald: Ruby and emerald look very interesting together. The fact that they are complementary colors to each other makes the combination even more eye-catching. However, you might want to be a fan of Christmas colors if you are thinking about this combination. The red and green just screams Christmas to some of us!
  • Pearls: Ruby paired with pearls makes your ring seem regal, pristine, and luxurious. There is something about the smooth milky color of the pearl next to the vibrant sunset red that just yearns to work together. This may be one of our favorite combinations with ruby rings.
  • Amethyst: The red of the ruby and the purple of the amethyst look extravagant together. Especially if the ruby is on the pinker side. The colors remind us of a late purple sunset in a cloudy tropical sky.

Ruby pendant and necklaces

Ruby pendant

From the red carpet to fancy parties, ruby pendants can be seen just about anywhere wealth resides. Ruby is the mark of luxury and thus many people wear the stone to present themselves in that way. Since we are aware of how amazing these stones look, Dunkin’s Diamonds offers various styles of Ruby pendants at different price ranges. When shopping on our website you are certain to find a ruby necklace that will make you or your significant other happy and looking sharp.

The pendant you see above is a stunning pear-shaped ruby pendant with a yellow gold chain. The ruby is partnered with an amazing infinity of diamond side stones that embraces the ruby very nicely. This necklace is one of our favorites as it has amazing symbolism from the infinity shape and amazing color from the yellow gold. You can find this and many necklaces like it at Dunkin’s Diamonds online store.

Ruby bracelets and earrings

It's not just rings that make great gifts, of course, bracelets and earrings are great ways to implement rubies into your jewelry collection as well. The more rubies the better!

Ruby Bracelet


Ruby bracelets come in many different styles. You can get a ruby charm bracelet, a single ruby stone in the shape of a heart, or even a bracelet with many rubies wrapping around the chain. Regardless of what ruby bracelet you want it will look regal and stunning on your wrist. To the left is a ruby single-cut tennis-style bracelet that we offer here on our online store. The way the rubies are spaced out along the chain makes for an even distribution of gemstones that look great all the way around the wrist. You won't be having to constantly adjust this bracelet to show it off to someone.


Do you want to go for a more subtle approach with ruby jewelry? If so, earrings are a great way to add that extra little dose of ruby into your outfit. There are so many different options to choose from, especially at Dunkin’s Diamonds where you can choose from a variety of stone cuts, settings, and even side stones on the earring. On the right is a brilliant pear shape ruby earring set with diamond side stones. We highly recommend this one.

Ruby Earrings

Rock those rubies!

Now that you know your options when it comes to ruby jewelry you can go out there, get yourself some ruby jewelry, and stun your audience.