Pretty in pink (jewelry and style guide)

You are most likely here because pink is your favorite color. We can't blame you the color is so calming, fashionable, and adorable to wear. Even if pink isn't your favorite color there is no denying its beauty. So, then what happens when you mix jewelry with the color pink? Some would say you simply get pink jewelry, but we say you get pink luxury and beauty. Like a beautiful lotus flower, pink jewelry is both cute and fancy at the same time. If you aren’t yet convinced that pink jewelry is a phenomenal theme there is even more for you to discover. There are so many naturally growing pink gemstones out there that make pink jewelry not only versatile but very customizable to your personality. From peach all the way to hot pink, there is a shade of pink jewelry out there that will suit anyone's needs. Below you will learn about all the different ways to wear pink jewelry and what different pink gemstones work well with certain outfits.

The Pink Stones

Pink Fancy Sapphire:

Fancy sapphires are classified as any sapphire that is not of the blue variety. Of the many fancy sapphire varieties, pink sapphire is one of the most precious for a multitude of reasons. One, they are the perfect budget gemstone solutions if pink diamonds are too expensive. Two, Pink sapphires score a 9 on the Mohs scale of harness making them very hard, durable, and scratch resistant. Finally, Pink sapphire is known for having unparalleled vibrancy and highly saturated colors, their pinks usually lean towards the hot pink side of the pink color spectrum but can also come in soft pink colors as well.

How to wear Pink Sapphire: A common way to wear pink sapphire is with diamond side stones. If you are looking to feel pretty in pink, diamonds will help those pink sapphires pop. This striking contrast between the clear diamond and the pink sapphire also makes for glorious engagement rings for your special lady who loves pink. At Dunkin’s Diamonds, we sell plenty of pink sapphire and diamond rings such as the one shown here, feel free to browse our selection until you find something you like.

What to wear pink sapphires with: wedding gowns obviously look best with any pink jewelry, but we aren't getting married each day of our entire lives. Thus, for everyday attire wearing white clothing and other hot pink colors tends to look nice with pink sapphire. You can even wear pink sapphire as an earring with green clothing to create a nice contrast of color.

Pink Diamond:

Diamonds come in many shades like yellow, blue, and of course colorless, but have you ever heard of pink diamonds? Pink diamonds are one of the most luxurious and sought-after colors in the diamond world. In fact, they are typically the most expensive diamond on the market. These diamonds are extremely rare with only about 0.1 percent of mined diamonds being pulled from the earth as pink. Because of their rarity an option is a lab grown diamond. And  just because they are lab grown diamonds doesn't make them any less real than the mined ones. In fact, if you are a true pink fan, lab diamonds tend to be the better choice as they can be made to exhibit the richest levels of pink.

How to wear Pink Diamond: Wearing a pink diamond is definitely no small matter, it's one of those gemstones that are super rare, luxurious, and bound to turn heads. Most commonly these stones are seen on wedding or engagement rings but who is stopping you from wearing them as a pendant and an earring. Like any gemstone, they can be worn in practically any fashion, but because they are diamonds you can wear them literally anywhere and not have to worry about scratching or damaging the diamond.

What to wear pink Diamond with: Like pink sapphire pink diamonds look great with white dresses or suits. They can even be worn with other pinks of the same shade.

Where to get a Pink Diamond: At Dunkin’s Diamonds we provide a large array of GIA Certified fancy diamonds and pink diamond is no exception to this. If you are looking to buy the stones individually, we can do that for you, but if you would rather get your whole ring setting all at once we have plenty of gorgeous options for you to choose from as well. We even have heart shape cuts for those of you who absolutely “heart” pink!

Pink Pearls:

Everyone knows pearls for their milky white and perfectly smooth surface, but did you know that they also come in pink! Yes, that's right, sometimes mollusks feel the need to spice things up every now and then and add pink to the inside of their shells. Pink pearls, normally found in freshwater mollusks, have a subtle pink hue that is completely natural and won't fade over time as treated pearls might. Because of their natural pastel and smooth tones, pink pearls are actually one of the most popular pearls on the market, next to the classic white color of course. Pink pearls can be naturally cultured or dyed. Depending on which one you choose you will see pink pearls sell at different price ranges.

How to wear pink pearl: pink pearl can be worn in many different ways. You can wear them in layers (with multiple pearl necklaces or bracelets), you can wear them with one singular pearl, or you can have singular necklaces with many pearl beads. These are just a few of the style options that pink pearls provide. Additionally, pink pearls are meant to be worn on bare skin, they look super nice on top of a person's natural pigmentation.

What to wear pink pearls with: Well, this may sound obvious but the best thing to wear with pink pearls is other pearls! While worn together, each pearl color compliments each other's strengths. Another way to enhance the beauty of your pink pearl is by wearing colors in your outfit that contrast the pink of your pearls. Black dresses look surprisingly good with pink pearls because of their stark difference from the bright pastel hue of pink pearls.


Morganite, although technically a salmon color according to the GIA, is still one of the loveliest pink stones on the market. As the gemstone that is often associated with the astrological sign Scorpio, it's seen as the perfect alternative pink stone to diamond and sapphire. However, morganite is said to have deeper spiritual meaning and significance when worn, especially if you're a Scorpio. But what is morganite? Well, morganite is a Beryl mineral variety that has a pale pink-salmon coloration. They are fairly hard gemstones around a 7.5-8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them slightly softer than stones like sapphire.

How to wear Morganite: Morganite is quite easy to wear. Their subtle pink hues allow morganite to be wearable anywhere on your body. If you want to go for a more subtle approach rings are an exceptional way to wear a morganite. However, if you looking to shake things up a bit, a pink dress and a large morganite pendant might be the way to go.

What to wear Morganite with: you can wear morganite just like you wear any other pink jewelry that is mentioned on this list, however, there are some interesting combinations that we would like to share with you first. For example, because morganite can lean more towards the salmon side of colors you can pair it with rose gold. Rose gold and morganite look amazing together and they perfectly complement each other. Rose gold dresses, rose gold metal, or even rose gold phone cases will look stunning next to your morganite jewelry. Displayed here is a gorgeous morganite and diamond ring setting with a perfect rose gold band, the beauty speaks for itself. The two colors have so much chemistry we are jealous!

Pink Tourmaline:

Pink tourmaline is actually just one of the few varieties of tourmaline that you can purchase, but it is certainly one of the best variations. This shade of tourmaline can range anywhere from baby pink to hot pink. Additionally, tourmaline is often associated with quartz stone as it can come in very opaque or very translucent and clear crystals.

Fun fact: pink tourmaline is often seen as the gemstone of femininity and womanly strength.

How to wear pink tourmaline: tourmaline is usually worn anywhere on your body, but it is often seen as the gemstone associated with the 8th year wedding anniversary. You can purchase rings and other accessories, like earrings and necklaces, with tourmaline at Dunkin’s Diamonds' website or in-store.

What to wear tourmaline with: you can wear pink tourmaline practically the same way as pink sapphire and pink diamond. If you want some ideas, you can read the “Pink Fancy Sapphire” and the “Pink diamond” segments.

Honorable mentions:

  • Rose quartz: a lovely light pink jewelry option, looks great on pendants
  • Pink star ruby: a mesmerizing display of a color on a pink gemstone, great for fancy rings for any occasion
  • Pink Opal: a pink stone with dancing pink lines that will certainly entrance anyone looking
  • Imperial topaz: this gemstone is mostly peach so that's why it's an honorable mention but it's one of the coolest and most rare topaz varieties out there.

Look pretty in pink with the perfect outfit

We are hoping that was enough pink to satisfy your cravings, if not, go out there and get yourself even more pink jewelry! You can never have enough bling of your favorite color.