Popular in Purple (jewelry and style guide)

Most purple color fans are super devout and super extra when it comes to anything purple. They see something purple and think, “I have to have it”. Well, we don't blame them, purple is a wonderful color mixture of two of the best primary colors; blue and red. It's easy on the eyes and is often associated with luxury and royalty.

Why wear purple

Purple is the hue of royalty and luxury as stated previously, but it's more than that. The color itself is said to give the viewer a sense of creativity and enlightenment. Looking at purple helps with those spur-of-the-moment ideas and creative exercises. It’s also associated with mystery and intrigue and can make someone want to dig deeper and learn more. Speaking of which, in this article, you will learn a lot about how the color purple and jewelry are a perfect match. Plus, we will accomplish this by digging deep into the realm of purple gemstones and hopefully showcase a stone that you want to take home and wear forever. Although there might not be many popular purple gemstones out there, they certainly deserve some time in the spotlight and on your ring finger. Read on to find out exactly how to make these gorgeous gemstones part of your daily life.

The purple gemstones


Amethyst is the most well-known purple gemstone hands down. It is not only gorgeous but also extremely popular. The gemstone has been used for many years for weddings, anniversaries, engagements, and even promise rings. Amethyst even dates back to medieval times when soldiers would wear the stone to help them stay focused in battle. Plus, as the birthstone of February, amethyst can be worn in a more casual way or as something to show off your February pride.

Wearing Amethyst: The color purple is so fun to pair other stones with. For example, you can wear amethyst as a ring with diamond side stones to really enhance the purple hues of the stone. This combination would work as an amazing engagement or wedding ring for any couple. Plus, diamonds aren't the only thing that works well with amethyst. You can wear amethyst with other colored stones like blue topaz or ruby to create a wonderful display of color. These colorful combinations could be worn on a pendant, a bracelet, and of course a ring.

What to wear Amethyst with: wearing amethyst is easy as buying it, wearing it, and showing it off. Purple is such an intriguing color that no matter what color you wear it with it will always seem to shine. But that doesn't mean you can't match amethyst with certain clothing to create wonderful combinations. Here are some examples…

  • Classic white: by wearing pure white colors you can help create a solid color backdrop for your colorful amethyst gemstone. There are reasons why brides wear white after all, they look great with anything!
  • Contrasty colors: Try wearing amethyst with colors that contrast the purple hue. Colors like orange and yellow will definitely make purple stand out.
  • Why not go dark: Dark clothing will absorb the light that hits you allowing the gemstone to reflect all the light that hits it. This creates a wonderful display of a color on the gemstone that makes it stand out even more than it was before.

Lavender rose quartz

a wonderful gemstone that can either lean towards the pink side or the lavender purple side of gemstone color classification. It's a perfect stone for those who adore pastel colors and all things adorable. When this stone is at its most purple saturation it appears to be a perfect shade of light lavender. Because of this lavender coloration, these stones look like they should smell like fresh flowers and soap. (Of course, don't go around sniffing gemstones, that might look a little weird.) Plus, as a translucent stone, there is so much to look at when wearing it and there are certainly so many ways to show it off.

Wearing Lavender Rose Quartz: Lavender rose quartz is fairly hard scoring a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. This doesn't make it impossible to wear as a ring, but it is more prone to scratching than stones like sapphire and diamond. Because of this, you will see a lot of people wearing lavender rose quarts as a pendant with diamonds or gold.

What to wear Lavender Rose Quartz with: You can wear lavender quartz with baby pinks and other pastel hues. The way that the stone compliments other pinks and purples is too good a trait to pass up. You can also wear it with darker colors to create an intense contrast. Here are some outfit ideas:

  • Pink dress: a pink dress and a lavender quartz pendant would look absolutely stunning. Just close your eyes and envision it for a second. Pretty right!
  • Deep blue outfit: because the stone is lavender there are hints of blue in the stone. By wearing a blue outfit, you can wash out the bluer side of the stone to emphasize the more purple hues inside lavender.
  • Lavender with purple: You can also wear lavender quartz with traditional purple clothing too. It's like a super purple outfit where you don't have to worry about the colors clashing.

Purple Diamond

Diamonds come in all sorts of colors, but typically they are seen in clear, yellow, or blue tones. Purple diamonds are certainly extraordinary specimens as their color is surprisingly vibrant and luxurious. If you ever wanted the hardest purple gemstone available, then you landed on the right gemstone. Like all diamonds, purple Diamond scores a maximum grade of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Even though amethyst is the “go-to” beautiful purple gemstone, it lacks the supreme hardness and luxury that comes with a purple diamond. Plus, purple diamonds are exceedingly rare! So rare that their prices start at around 25,000 per carat! Yikes! Don't fret however because you can get lab-grown purple diamonds if you are on a budget.

Wearing Purple Diamond: purple diamond is super sheik, clean, and a huge conversation starter. People who wear purple diamonds typically have an eccentric side that they want to show off. Purple diamond is generally worn as rings and pendants to make sure that onlookers can bask in that purple gemstone glory. You will certainly feel popular wearing a purple diamond.

What to Wear purple Diamond with: You can wear purple diamond with a gorgeous white dress, a pink and yellow themed outfit (this will look very floral), or even a black business suit. Purple diamond is super versatile so don't be afraid to experiment with it and try out some cool new combinations. Purple diamond also looks great next to other rings.

Pro tip: try setting your purple diamond with yellow gold. The yellow tinge of the gold will make a wonderful contrast with the purple. This is because yellow and purple are complementary colors.

Purple Spinel

Purple Spinel has a large variety of different colors. These colors range from a lavender color all the way to red violet. Plus, as a fairly durable gemstone, scoring a Mohs hardness grade of 8, spinel can be worn without the immediate fear of cracking or destroying the gemstone. The stone can still scratch however so be careful when choosing to wear spinel as a ring.

Wearing Spinel: As stated previously the precious purple spinel has a wonderful range of colors. But regardless of which color you choose they will all have the same hardness score of 8. This means you can wear it practically any way you like.

When picking your purple spinel color/stone be sure to first consider where you want to wear it. You can wear it as a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, or even as an earring. Depending on what you choose spinel can actually give off different “messages”, for example wearing a purple spinel as a ring is a way of saying “I love purple, and I want others to know that”. But wearing a purple spinel pendant says “I want others to know I love purple, and I want everyone else to love it as well.”

What to Wear Purple Spinel with: you can wear purple spinel like any other purple gemstone on this list. This is because purple spinel comes in so many different purple variations that you can mix and match many styles. Plus, because purple spinel is a budget-friendly gemstone you can be sure to try out a bunch of different styles!

Purple Tanzanite

Purple tanzanite is such a wonderful and unique purple gemstone. With its famous periwinkle coloration, the gemstones look almost blue at certain angles. Plus, the gemstones have a beautiful pleochroism that makes the tanzanite seem like different purples and blues are dancing across the surface of the stone. Because these stones seem to dance around blue and purple they come in two different kinds, violet dominant, or blue dominant. Depending on which one you choose the gemstone will lean more towards that dominant color. This allows for an extra layer of personalization to purple tanzanite that we think every purple or even blue lover would enjoy.

Wearing Purple Tanzanite: we recommend wearing purple tanzanite as an earring or as a pendant. This is because tanzanite scores a 6.5-7 pm on the Mohs hardness scale making it more prone to being scratched. But don't let this dissuade you from getting a purple tanzanite ring if you want one, they are still durable enough that they won't break or crack easily on your finger.

What to wear purple tanzanite with: Like most purple gemstones yellow gold settings look absolutely fantastic with purple tanzanite. This is especially true as the mesmerizing blue and purple colors of the gemstone will highlight the yellow gold and send your jewelry collection to amazing new heights.

Purple sapphire

Sapphire comes in so many different colors we’d be surprised if it didn't have a purple variation. Plus, it would also be such a shame if sapphire didn't come in purple because it's absolutely stunning to look at and wear. As part of the corundum family, purple sapphire scores a wonderful 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, right beneath the popular diamond.

We believe purple sapphire should be just as, if not more, popular than purple diamond because it's so magnificently purple. The only problem is that true mined purple sapphire is extremely rare making it hard to be popular and even more difficult to get your hands on. But don't fret because lab-grown sapphires can go for more budget-friendly price points making everyone happy!

Wearing purple sapphire: purple sapphire can be worn just like you would wear a purple diamond. The stones are super durable and strong, so rings are the way to go! Plus, you can pair these purple sapphires with other stones like diamonds to make a wonderful combination that is fit for any wedding or anniversary. Jewelry that screams love and passion is what sapphire is good at after all.

What to wear purple sapphire with: There are so many different outfits that meld perfectly with purple sapphire. Some examples include…

  • Black dresses or suits: the rich blackness that emanates from these outfits will make the stark purple color of the gemstones shine even brighter
  • Yellow skirts and/ or shirts: everyone loves color theory! Yellows and even some oranges work great with purple sapphire because there are complimentary!
  • Other shades of purple: colors like lavender are a great way to go all out on the purple craze and match that purple sapphire with another color of its shade!

Honorable Mentions

  • Kunzite: although purple at times this gemstone is more closely associated with the pink gemstone community. However, when Kunzite is a true purple, the stone looks wonderfully lavender and fit for any cute outfit you could imagine.
  • Iolite: This gemstone is a violetish-blue collaboration and part of the cordierite stone family. These stones can appear blue at times but when they are a true violet purple, they look super rich and luxurious
  • Sugilite: This stone looks like it's the same color as grape jelly! It's a super deep purple and looks super cool! Only thing is that it scores a 6 on the Mohs hardness scale making it more difficult to wear as everyday jewelry than the other stones.

Proud to be Purple!

Absolutely no purple fan can get enough purple in their lives. If you found a gemstone that is perfect for you or another purple superfan in this article the only thing left to do is track one down. Finally, once you got the gemstone you will be ready to make a gorgeous jewelry piece out of it and go around town as the popular purple star you are!