Men's style guide

Men's style guide

Everyone associates engagement rings and wedding rings with that quintessential female allure. But brides should not have all the fun as there are so many different wonderful designs to choose from that work well for men's fingers as well. Below you will learn about the vast and interesting customization options for male engagement rings and wedding rings and how they can be just as special as a bride's ring.


Nothing screams man more than cold hard metal. One of the coolest things men get to do when choosing their wedding band is that they get to pick a metal just as cool as they are. There are so many options ranging from Tungsten and Steel, all the way to precious metals like Gold and Platinum. Not surprisingly, different metals symbolize some interesting things, instead of picking a metal based on its durability and rarity, maybe your man can pick one based on his personality. Below is a list of metals and what they symbolize.

Yellow Gold: a gold wedding band represents your unwavering fidelity to your significant other. Style-wise a gold ring goes great with men that have warm skin tones or dark complexions. Plus, they look great paired with a black suit.

Platinum: A platinum wedding band represents your unwavering strength and bond with your wife. A man who wears a platinum band knows how rare and unique his significant other is and knows to protect them at all costs. Platinum looks great on men with cooler skin tones and literally works in any dress scenario. Plus, due to its white appearance, any suit will match it.

Tungsten: Tungsten rings are solid and practically impossible to scratch. The metal comes in many customizable colors and even resists many types of corrosion. As a super-dense metal, their unbending nature is perfect for a man who is grounded and put together.

Silver: Although silver gets a bad rap for being one of the cheapest meals you can get on a ring. That is only because of its abundance. Silver rings are amazing with their supper light quality. If you are a man on the move, try a silver ring, its lightweight qualities won't hinder or distract you like a heavier metal. Plus, silver rings symbolize wisdom. Thus, it may be wise to get your husband a silver ring, wise not only for its lightweight qualities but also for your wallet.

Titanium: Titanium is the perfect metal that is not too hard, or not too soft. Its Mohs scale of mineral hardness puts it at a 6 which is almost right in the middle of hard and soft metals. Due to its goldilocks perfection appeal, it is great for men who want the best of both worlds. A metal that will rarely scratch and will be just flexible enough to move with you. Get a titanium ring for a man who is well balanced or strives for balance in life. As a bonus, the metal is hypoallergenic and shouldn't irritate your skin.,

Customize your own style

Just like female wedding rings, male engagement rings have an unlimited number of combinations that make for unique and interesting styles. Below are a few examples of some additions or changes you can make to your ring to fit your style.


Detailing: Bands with a malleable alloy like gold can be manipulated to express anything your desire. Using laser-cut designs we can engrave endless arrays of patterns and shapes to give you a wedding band that has its own unique detailing and pizzaz.


Texture: This is an area of ring customization that some people either gloss over or haven't heard of. However, this category can do a whole lot to change the mood and feel of your diamond. For example, if you are looking for a weathered or rustic ring setting you could opt for a rough diamond. Not every ring has to be pristine with the finest polished texture.


Inlays: As most likely the coolest addition to your wedding bands, inlays provide a wide variety of ways to “inlay” your personality into your ring. Inlays introduce a new material that is set or “inlaid” into the center of your band. For example, you could inlay with wood from a special tree that is meaningful to you and your fiancé. Or if you want to get crazy with it you can even get an inlay pattern filled with ancient dinosaur bone. The material choices are endless!

Diamond settings

Diamond settings: Everyone can enjoy the luxury of having rare diamonds on their person, even men. Men’s diamond settings and women’s diamond settings have practically the same options. Options range from, diamond wraps that form a row of diamonds around the ring, all the way to ornate settings with multiple diamond sizes and cuts. (See Diamond Buying Guide for more information)

Wear it with confidence

Now that you know the different ways to add style to your men's wedding band or engagement ring you can now use Dunkin’s Diamonds customization options to make one that speaks to you. Once you have the diamond that fits your personality and style you can wear it with confidence anywhere you go.