How to make your engagement ring look bigger

There is no shame in wanting the biggest and badest ring out there. When it comes to something so important such as a wedding or engagement you want everything to be perfect. If you're looking for ways to make that new diamond ring look bigger there are plenty of budget-friendly ways of doing so.

If you're also looking for ways to enhance the sparkle and beauty of your current wedding ring, then we have you covered. There are many ways to make your wedding ring look better than new!

Diamonds are expensive, especially when you reach the higher carat weights. So, what do you do if you are on a budget and don't want to get a 5-carat diamond? Well as the article suggests there are plenty of ways for you to use ring settings, different metals, and different diamond cuts to make the most out of your stone. There are plenty of simple and affordable no-brainers that just make that stone look many times bigger.

Common misconception: Bigger doesn't always mean better! Against popular belief just because your diamond ring is 3 carats doesn't mean it looks better than a 2-carat diamond ring. Some stones with smaller carats might have a better-quality cut and thus look way fancier and sparkle way more.

It's all about that Cut, not carat.  

Out of the 4C’s of a diamond, the cut is probably the most important element you don't want to overlook. A diamond ring cut can strongly enhance its sparkle and apparent size. No matter the carat, a diamond with a cut quality of Excellent will look fantastic.

But how does that work? And how exactly does a diamond cut make it look bigger? Well, the answer to that lies in how light reflects on the surfaces of the diamond. Diamonds have many facets and depending on how they are cut and oriented they can have different light reflections. A really good cut will have the maximum amount of light bouncing off the stone and back into your eye creating the illusion that the stone is bigger than it actually is. This is what a diamond excels at and why we think it's vital to get a good quality cut on your diamond wedding ring.

If you are interested in learning more about a diamond's cut quality, carat weight, clarity, or color check out our 4C guide.

The power of a good shape:

Diamonds also come in many different shapes. Depending on which shape you choose you may have a stone that either appears larger or smaller than it actually is. Truly, a diamond shape can do a whole lot to make your diamond wedding ring look a lot bigger.

So which ones should you pick?

Well, if you truly want to make your engagement ring look bigger then you are limited to a few options. However, if your heart is set on a shape that is not mentioned below no worries! Getting the shape, you have always dreamed of is more important. The shape isn't the most important thing to make a ring book bigger there are other outlets so do what your heart tells you.

The following are what we believe to be the best shapes for those looking to make their diamond engagement ring appear bigger. Even though bigger doesn't always mean better some shapes are more elongated and circular allowing for the maximum amount of light to bounce off your diamond. This is what makes your diamond look bigger, bolder, and more expensive.

Elongated diamond shapes such as marquise, pear, oval, and emeralds are perfect for making your diamond ring look bigger. These longer stones tend to appear larger than they actually are because of the way they seem to stretch across your finger. These stones will appear bigger than their actual carat weight trust us.

But what if you don't want an untraditional shape for your diamond wedding ring? Well, an oval-shaped ring is going to be a perfect compromise if you still want the classic diamond shape. Not only do they appear bigger, because oval rings are elongated, but they are also so similar to the traditional round diamond that it's practically the same. I mean ovals are not a perfect circle but who cares, get a diamond shape that speaks to you.

What shapes should you avoid?

Just like you can select a diamond shape to make your ring look bigger you can also pick one that makes it look smaller. Certain shapes can actually shrink the apparent size of your ring's carat weight. These shapes include Princess, Asscher, and Cushion Cut Diamonds. Avoid these stones if you are trying to make your diamond look as grand as possible.

But why do these shapes look smaller? Well, cuts like Asscher have a heavy volume of material toward the bottom of their body. In other words, a lot of the diamond is hidden from plain sight situated toward the bottom of the stone. Shapes like oval and marquise have a lot of their surface area spread towards the top making it more visible and apparent compared to Princess and Cushion cut diamonds.

Setting is key

The setting you choose to put your diamond on can drastically change its apparent size. Chunky and bulky over-the-top settings will make your diamond feel smaller in comparison. The best settings for those looking to make their diamond wedding ring look bigger are the delicate and dainty ones.

Pavé ring setting: A popular setting to make your diamond look bigger is the pavé setting. This setting consists of smaller diamonds that accentuate and highlight the most important thing, your main diamond. Because the smaller stones are so close together and next to each other not only do they enhance the sparkle of the ring, but they make your main stone appear larger in comparison. Diamond rings are all relative, that's the key to making them look way bigger than they actually are.

Three Stone Ring Setting: Similarity to pave rings three stone ring settings accentuate the main center stone. This set consists of 3 total stones, your main stone, and then two smaller diamonds on either side of it.

You may be wondering why adding just 2 more diamonds can make your main diamond look bigger. Well, in short, it's all based on relative size. In relation to the two smaller diamonds, your main one is clearly the bigger one, right? So, when someone sees the ring, they aren't stopping to think about its actual size but rather its size in comparison to the other parts of your ring. This is also why you shouldn't wear a different ring with a bigger stone next to your wedding ring. The other rings' larger stones will compete for attention and make your diamond wedding ring feel smaller, we don't want that do we?

Halo ring setting: Halo ring settings are marvelous choices for those looking to make their diamond centerpiece look as big and sparkly as possible. Halo setting involves a series of smaller diamonds that wrap around the entirety of your main diamond. No matter the carat weight of your centerpiece it will look much larger when set around a halo of diamonds. Plus, this will also increase the actual carat size of your ring without inflating the cost too much.

Color matters

The color of the metal on your ring may seem like it won't do anything to change the apparent size of your diamond, but it certainly can. Whiter metals such as palladium and white gold will help your diamond's apparent carat size increase. This is because the whiter metals tend to act as mirrors and will reflect parts of your gemstone to make it look bigger.

Think of it like a restaurant where one of its walls is a giant mirror reflecting the dining room. It makes it look twice as big until you realize it's a mirror. But for the case of rings, no one is going to stop and stare at the ring long enough to realize the metal is making it appear bigger.

Maintaining a clean diamond

A diamond that sparkles is a diamond that speaks volumes. The cleaner your diamond is the larger it will look. Therefore, if you are thinking about never cleaning your diamond ring think again. Your wedding ring is irreplaceable so treat it like it is, it will have the added bonus of enhancing the apparent size of your stone as well.

If you are interested in learning more about how to effectively clean your ring check out our Jewelry stone cleaning tips and tricks guide

Put it all together!

Now that you know the expert tips and tricks to make your diamond wedding or engagement ring bigger you can try and put them all together. When you combine all the methods, you will end up with a ring that will look immaculate for a more budget friendly price.