Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2021-2022

For the last few years, we have been sitting around our houses begging for a chance to get up and go out. Thanks, global epidemic! However, as covid-19 diminished a rise in bold statement-making jewelry trends emerged. Society was cooped up inside too long and as a result, jewelry wearers want to go big or go home. Going back home to quarantine is not an option! Let me rephrase that, they wanna go BIG! Below you will find the hottest jewelry fashion trends to date and why they are making such an impact.

Big and Bold

Chunky Maximalist Earrings

Chunky Maximalist Earrings

We were not lying earlier when we said the new trend is BIG! The maximalist earring trend has skyrocketed recently as more and more people are attempting to make a statement. After all, going out wasn't an option for almost 2 years, so why not return to the party with something that will be remembered. Inspired by the overzealous Egyptian earrings from our past, this big and chunky earring style has frequented the red carpet and fashion.

What is Maximalism:

Maximalism in Graphic Design is a design aesthetic in response to minimalism, it's essentially bold colors and strong contrast. Graphic designers like Paula Sher and her work for the “Public” are great examples of good maximalist design. These bold colors and statement shapes translate over to jewelry in the form of large, rich, and unique gemstones. These stones when situated next to smaller gemstones create a larger sense of scale.

What is Maximalism
Bold Chains and Chokers

Bold Chains and Chokers

Heavy chains are back in style! From double-wrapped gold chains to single thick chains, they are all the craze. The heavy full look that the chains present give your neckline a freshness that speaks volumes. The resurgence of the next chain is the nostalgic flashback to the early 90s we didn't know we wanted! Except for today, they have been revived with a dash of embellishment and a pinch of vibrant color.

Today if you gonna wear a choker go big and colorful. Recently bold and colorful jewelry designers like Irene Neuwirth have gained increased popularity as this trend has spread like wildfire. This jewelry trend can be seen worn on the Saint Laurent Womenswear Spring/Summer 2022 runway show and the 2022 Oscars Red Carpet.

Bold Chains and Chokers
The no-rules ideology of 2022

The no-rules ideology of 2022

The last thing someone wants to be told after coming out of forced pandemic hiding is that they can’t do something they have been ruminating about for 2 years. Thus, a popular trend has emerged in 2022, there are NO RULES! Breaking the barriers and competing to be the most unique has grown extremely popular in the jewelry fashion world since covid has begun to dwindle. We’re not saying this trend will ever beat Doja Cats' crazy flamboyant dresses, but we are saying the designs are up there.

Because of the insane popularity of this trend odds are you are already on this trend right now! But if you are not yet on this trend you don’t have to worry as this might be the easiest one to follow. Wear something unexpected and bold, put something on that makes you feel special and outstanding, and just be you! Plus, if you don’t own anything that fits in any of those guidelines you can check out Dunkin’s Diamond's extended collection. There you can find something that makes you stand out and look your greatest. Not that you need something to make you stand out, you are already amazing enough.

Diamond Rivière

What is diamond Rivière?

Diamond Rivière are typically necklaces laced with diamond stones of all the same weight size and shape. This means that all the necklace contains are diamonds, and because of this, the necklace reveres the diamonds as the only thing to look at and appreciate. Some Diamond Rivière necklaces slightly graduate outward so they get smaller in size as they wrap around the neck, but it's still considered diamond reverie.

Now, this bold trend wasn't picked because the jewelry itself looks big and bold, but because its wearer will look bold. Diamond Rivière is back in style and those wearing it are seen as bold, traditional, and confident. Famous stars like Dakota Johnson, Zoë Kravitz, and Sarah Jessica Parker have worn Diamond Rivière and are known for their confidence and bold accessories.

Fun fact: The world “Riviere” is a French word for river or someone who lives on the riverside.

Embrace the trend

So far 2021 and 2022 have been all about making a statement, what will you do to embrace the trend? We have been stuck in our apartments and houses for way too long it’s time to get out there and make a statement of your own.