Emerald jewelry style guide

The dazzling green reflections that seem to dance in front of your eyes are what makes emeralds so special. Like water reflecting on the surface of a clear lake, emeralds seem to shine in this rhythmic pattern that can capture the heart of anyone. It's no wonder Dorothy was looking for Emerald City. Plus, if people in ancient civilizations wore emeralds as we still do today, I'm willing to bet that the gemstone is well worth your attention.

Emeralds are fantastic precious gemstones that make a great addition to any jewelry collection, wedding, or engagement. As the birthstone for May, the stone has also seen its uses on alternative pieces such as emerald pendants and even bracelets. In this article, you will learn a lot about wearing emeralds and which styles are right for you.

The ancient history of emeralds

In ancient times, emeralds were seen to have unique healing properties. Because of this, they were worn as amulets, pendants, and even signets. The wearer was believed to be protected and guarded by powerful entities that either lived in the stone or powered the stone. Therefore, because of this magical reverence of the stone, emeralds became extremely popular among the wealthy rulers of ancient times. Even rulers such as Tutankhamen have been found with emeralds in their tombs.

Above is a Turkish-style emerald ring from the descent of the Ottoman Empire.

What does it mean to wear emeralds?

Because of ancient beliefs, emeralds have become a symbol of hope, royalty, and healing. To wear an emerald implies that you are looking forward to new beginnings, starting a new love, or a new adventure. Essentially, to wear an emerald, you are instilling hope for the future and the future of others.

Disproving some emerald stereotypes: First things first, you don't have to be a redhead to wear emeralds. Although they look stunning next to red hair, emeralds can and have been worn by anyone and everyone. Popular stars like Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie have rocked their emerald earrings and therefore prove our point as members of the “non-redhead community”. I have heard of too many people who enjoy emeralds that have turned their cheek to them simply because they don't have red hair. Let this encourage anyone facing a jewelry stereotype to get the gemstone they like; not what society has told them to like.

What does the green hue represent: The green in emeralds represents vitality and growth, and those who wear them are said to be aiming toward growth of some kind.

Emerald engagement and wedding rings!

Since there have been many decades for emeralds to circulate in society, there has been plenty of time for emeralds to gain traction in the wedding and engagement ring world. Emeralds may not be the first gemstone you think of for wedding rings, but they certainly are captivating. They work in a lot more scenarios than you might think, and they look gorgeous when paired with the traditional white wedding dress. Below are some different types of wedding and engagement ring settings that are meant for emerald stones.

Oval cut gemstones

Our first recommendation if you are interested in getting emeralds is to consider oval-cut emerald settings. Oval-cut emeralds look like magical mirrors that could come straight out of a fantasy novel. The oval shape creates the illusion of moving water inside of the stone when light hits its facets. Everyone is so used to seeing emeralds in the emerald-cut shape; however, they look exceptional with a rounded edge. Sometimes the most obvious choice isn't the best one. Additionally, even our recommendations aren't the best ones, they are just opinions. That is the fun of jewelry buying; you can browse around and find something that speaks to you just like this setting spoke to us.

Solitaire emerald rings: Do you just want to admire the gemstone for what it is without any additional fluff? Well, if this is you, then solitaire rings are an exceptional choice. Solitaire emerald rings consist of nothing but the emerald gemstone and your chosen metal alloy. Unlike ring settings that have fancy side stones, diamond wraps, or even inlays, a solitaire ring is simply a stone and some metal.

However, we doubt many people want to settle for just an emerald. If you don't find a solitaire ring setting fitting to your style, continue on below to explore some fancier options.

Emerald ring with side stones

Not everything needs to be about emeralds. Sure, they are gorgeous, and they can be amazing all on their own as we said before. But when it comes to customizing jewelry, there are no laws or rules, so do what makes you happy. (Ok, well… there technically are still real laws, so don't go stealing emeralds because we said there are no rules!)

Emeralds look fantastic with all sorts of different metals, shapes, and of course, side stones. Emeralds are just one of those colorful stones that you can match a wealth of colors to, just be sure to let the colors clash. Below are some different side stones that pair well with emeralds. Mix and match as you choose, and maybe you will find one that speaks to you.

Here are some side stone options to name a few…

  • Diamonds: Diamonds are an obvious go-to for emerald rings as their white sparkly brilliance makes for a great spotlight highlighting your emerald. Even though diamonds are beautiful, they accent the main stone and plant your emerald center stage.
  • Rubies: Rubies and emeralds look very interesting together. The fact that they are complementary colors to each other makes the combination even more eye-catching. However, you might want the recipient to be a fan of Christmas colors if you are thinking about this combination. The red and green just screams Christmas too much for us.
  • Pearls: If you read up on our other gemstone articles, you will see a pattern surrounding pearls; they just work so well with practically any precious stone. There is something about that perfect shimmer that reflects off those spheres which are just asking to pair with every stone. And of course, pearls go well with emeralds too; who are we kidding? The white of the pearl almost seems like it's a blanket embracing the emerald baby that is your gemstone.
  • Lapis Lazuli: This one dates far into our history. You probably read about it in your high school history books. Lapis Lazuli was popular in ancient times as it was used for the most gorgeous sculptures, tablets, manuscripts, and paintings to date. So, it's no surprise that you might see emeralds, another prestigious stone in ancient times, paired with Lapis. If you decide to get an emerald ring with Lapis, you are certainly one who enjoys history and elegance.

Emerald pendant and necklaces

Emerald pendants are in! Today you can certainly find popular stars wearing huge emerald stones around their necks. Following the pandemic, everyone wanted to show off their fashion sense to the world. What better way to do that than to knock it out of the park with maximalist emerald necklaces? Seriously, how do they not have neck problems from all that ice?

All jokes aside, emerald pendants are gaining wide popularity and absolutely look great with almost any dress. Even Zendaya wore a masterful 93-carat emerald pendant at the “Dune” movie premiere. Take a look at it, it's certainly jaw-dropping! It takes her fairly simple dress to a whole other level.

The pendant displayed above is a perfect example of an emerald pendant that should work with almost any dress or even suit. Even though it is not a 93-carat emerald-like Zendaya’s, the necklace is still dazzling. With its icy white gold intertwined design, this pendant truly turns heads. Plus, who can say no to a beautiful wrap of diamonds?

Emerald bracelets and earrings

“Come on Dorothy, who needs to follow the yellow brick road to the famed emerald city when you can wear emeralds all over your body!” -The totally real cowardly lion. Okay, we know that emerald jewelry wasn't the whole point of the “Wizard of Oz”, but still, emeralds have so many other stunning applications. Earrings and bracelets make for great emerald pieces, as well as rings do. If emeralds are your favorite, you could even go one step further and get an emerald piercing.


If you are thinking about emerald jewelry, why not try an emerald bracelet. It's not fair to let your ring finger have all the fun. Let your ears and your wrist share in that emerald glory as well. Showcased on the left is Dunkin's Diamonds Emerald and Diamond Bracelet. This bracelet is perfect for that special someone in your life that you know can't get enough emeralds to satisfy their cravings. This bracelet will allow each part of their wrist to showcase an emerald as it has an even distribution of 8 emeralds around the bracelet. This is just one of many tennis-style bracelets that Dunkin's Diamonds offers, and it's certainly one that you can't go wrong with. You can browse other gemstone options for this same bracelet setting over on Dunkin’s Diamonds online store.


What about your ears? Shouldn't they have some time in the spotlight? At Dunkin’s Diamonds, we offer a wide array of emerald earrings for you to gaze at. There are so many subtle ways to add emeralds to your wardrobe, and earrings are definitely on the top of the list. This piece displayed here exhibits emeralds and diamonds fashioned in glistening 14-karat yellow gold. This pear-shaped gemstone earring style is just one of many options offered on our online store.

Follow the yellow brick road!

Thank you for listening to us rave about how amazing we think emeralds are. Hopefully, you can now use this knowledge to follow the yellow brick road to the city of emeralds (a.k.a The Dunkin’s Diamonds online store emerald section).