Blue Sapphire jewelry style guide

Like the Virgin Islands or a freshly cleaned pool, sapphire gemstones are crystal clear, blue, and refreshing. Normally when someone thinks of the color blue, they associate it with the feeling of sadness or maybe a rainy day. But that crystalline hue of blue sapphire gemstones is anything but forlorn, it's brilliant and it can bring a smile to anyone's face. Just like its sister stone Ruby, Sapphires are made out of Corundum an immensely hard stone almost as hard as diamond.  But don't let their hardness fool you, they are far from rustic or brazened gemstones. Rather sapphire is eloquent, dazzling, and fit for princes and princesses.

Blue Sapphires are such amazing additions to your jewelry collection it's only a matter of time before the allure of the stone convinces you to buy one. In this article, you will learn some interesting things about blue sapphires and about certain styles you might want to try on.

Sapphires don't only come in blue!

Even though this article is about the gorgeous blue sapphire it is still important for you to know all your options. If you are like us choosing a favorite gemstone is much like picking a favorite child, it's impossible, yet there is still one that you like more than the others at the moment. In all seriousness, sapphires come in these colors: Pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and violet.

What does it mean to wear blue sapphire?

To wear blue sapphire implies that you are actually many things. If you believe in astrology sapphire actually means different things for different astrological signs. However, that lengthy information is for another article. In general, if you enjoy or wear blue sapphire you are a focused and determined individual. Plus, even though blue is associated with sadness, blue sapphires supposedly represent the conquering of depression and gaining control of mental health.

Why wear Blue Sapphire?

  • Sapphire is a great way to add an extra little pizazz to any outfit. This is because it's a precious stone that isn't very common at the moment. Real mined ones are extremely rare as well.
  • Blue sapphires are extremely durable ranking at a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, and they are just as stunning as they are hard.
  • Blue sapphire is gaining increased traction in the realm of wedding and anniversary rings so if you hop on the sapphire train now you can get ahead of the craze.
  • It's gorgeous. What else is there to say

Spiritual meaning:

It's been said that people who wear sapphires are protected against evil or harm. That when you wear a sapphire you are less likely to come across environmental misfortunes such as house fires and floods. Whether you believe this or not, these cool mystical associations make sapphires even more enticing.

Blue Sapphire engagement and wedding rings!

Look into the eye of that blue sapphire and tell us you wouldn't say “yes” to anyone proposing with that gemstone. Okay, maybe not any person, but still, if your significant other proposed to you with a gorgeous sapphire ring you almost can't say no. Not that you were going to say no anyway, right? Regardless, Sapphires have this regal air to them that is perfect for any special moment in your life, even beyond matrimony. However, I'm willing to bet most of you are here to purchase a wedding or engagement ring. Therefore, below Dunkin’s Diamonds has compiled interesting ideas to help you get some ideas flowing so you can style out that hand with some sapphire bling!

Cushion-Cut Blue Sapphire

There is a reason you see a lot of royalty wearing blue sapphire. Who can forget Princess Diana's royal blue sapphire ring? But what if I told you that certain sapphire cuts could actually enhance the color and beauty of your blue sapphire. It's true, specific cuts like a cushion and oval cuts actually allow for your sapphire to show as much of that gorgeous blue hue as possible. Therefore, if you are planning to either get yourself or your significant other a sapphire ring, do your research, and look at the different cuts in person, you increase the odds of finding the perfect sapphire ring with just a little diligence. Plus, if you are stuck, you could always purchase one of Dunkin’s Diamonds Cushion Cut sapphire rings or come on down to one of our locations in Florida and Ohio to see it in person. Like the ring displayed here, we make sure our stones give off as much color as possible.

Solitaire Blue Sapphire rings:

Sometimes less is more, at least that is the case for Blue sapphire. As such a vibrant and stunning gemstone sometimes, it is better to let it shine on its own. If you plan on getting a blue sapphire ring for an engagement ring, then a solitaire setting will add an extra level of meaning. It's another way of saying that “I only need one glorious gemstone-like I only need one glorious fiancé.”. Trust us, when they stare into that crystal clear ocean of the Blue Sapphire, they can't help but say yes.

Blue Sapphire rings with side stones

Blue sapphire rings look great in the solitaire setting but that doesn't mean they don't look amazing with a partner or two. Princess Diana’s Sapphire famous blue sapphire ring has a gorgeous diamond side stone setting that resembles a star. At Dunkin’s Diamonds, we provide a wide array of side stone options for any ring or any stone. We even provide a setting that is very similar to that famous sapphire ring of British royalty. Below are some side stone options that look amazing with blue sapphire.

Here are some side stone options to name a few…


  • Diamonds: What stone doesn't go well with diamonds!!! Need I say more?
  • Other sapphires!: There are many different colors of sapphires as discussed at the beginning of this article. They are the same stone so why not try and mix and match them. We've seen someone do a ring set with all the sapphire colors forming sort of a rainbow. Or maybe you can make a triad with three sapphire colors, the options go on and on.
  • Amethyst: The purply pink of amethyst stones looks perfect next to blue sapphire. Especially if you purchase a light blue mined sapphire.
  • Ruby: Red and blue may not be an obvious ring choice, that's because it isn't. You rarely see these colors together for wedding or engagement rings but that doesn't mean they aren't interesting together. They are like all couples, complicated but still made for each other. Give this combination a try you might enjoy it more than you think.
  • Pearl: Pearl looks exceptional next to sapphire. It creates this picturesque cool feeling like a lovely winter's night. I just love how the sapphire looks like a gemstone sitting on a bed of snow when paired with pearl.

Blue Sapphire pendants and necklaces.

Like many other precious stones and even alternative stones, sapphire of course looks amazing on a chain. There are so many sapphire colors and combinations with metals that people can get a little overwhelmed when making “the perfect necklace”. However blue sapphire is the way to go if you are someone who wants to look classy and also show off some bling.

If you have read our other gemstone articles you probably have a good understanding of which stone is your favorite. No matter what you pick it will always look great on a pendant! But if you choose team blue sapphire you won't regret it. Plus, if you have blue or hazel eyes the blue sapphire will bring out their natural beauty.

The pendant featured above is a lovely oval-cut blue sapphire necklace that we offer here at Dunkin’s Diamonds. You can find it and many other pendants like it on our online store or in person at one of our many locations.

Sapphire bracelets and earrings

If you have found that you absolutely adore blue sapphires like the rest of us, firstly welcome to the club, second why not indulge and get yourself a full set. Complete your blue sapphire collection with an earring set and a bracelet. This way you can go out to dinner styled in blue, but now you definitely won't be feeling blue with all that sapphire on you.


To style out your wrist you can opt to purchase practically any bracelet. But if you choose a blue sapphire bracelet you definitely will have something to break the ice if you are meeting with someone. Sapphire is such a unique stone that it's bound to initiate some questions. At Dunkin’s Diamonds, we offer many different bracelets, many of which can be styled with blue sapphire. If you plan on dropping some jaws and making some noise, then go with this beautiful bracelet displayed here. It has 23 oval-cut blue sapphires wrapped in diamonds, that's plenty of sapphires to get those conversations going.


But what if you want to wear blue sapphire but don't want to show off 23 whole sapphires on one wrist. If this is you, no worries because we have many subtle ways to accomplish this goal. With earrings, you can add a small but mighty addition to your wardrobe. This is a cute and subtle way of saying you are classy. Plus, because we have so many options at Dunkin’s Diamonds you can personalize the earrings to make a setting that calls to you. The one displayed here has a gorgeous gold ordination that many can't refuse. Why not give this setting a try?

Go from feeling blue to wearing it!

Now that you are more aware of some of the possible blue sapphire jewelry options, get out, dress it up, and drop some jaws. Rather than feeling blue you can embrace the blue and show everyone how much you love your new sapphire bling!