Amethyst jewelry style guide

With its gorgeous purple hue and entrancing sparkle, Amethyst can be one of the most magical gemstones out there. As such a vibrant stone amethyst can be that perfect stone for a person who is an all-things purple lover. Plus, as the birthstone for February, amethyst has become popularized in the form of pendants, signets, and even bracelets. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about wearing amethyst jewelry.

What does it mean to wear amethyst

Amethyst is the color of royalty, cleansing, and divine spirituality. But in our opinion, it's simply just an incredible and fascinating hue. When we see someone wearing an amethyst, we get this urge to ask them where they got the ring. The vibrancy of an Amethyst is just so unique and is definitely a conversation starter.

Some may say, “but amethyst it's not a precious stone”. Even though this statement is true, we believe that precious stones are only as precious as you make them anyway. In our opinion, amethyst is just as precious as any other stone. Especially in our case because amethyst is one of our favorite gemstones, and we actually like them just as much as diamonds. This proves the point that calling a stone precious is subjective, don’t let someone tell you otherwise. Since more and more couples are choosing alternative gemstones for their engagement rings amethyst is becoming a great pick-up and one that will certainly shock crowds. Plus who cares if the stone is technically not “precious” it's just a label, and you can't put a true label on love.

Amethyst engagement and wedding rings!

As we stated previously, alternative gemstones are gaining increased popularity. That means more and more people are getting married with amethyst and other similar alternative stones. If you are here, you are probably wondering which type of amethyst ring setting is best. Well, like all other stones, all settings are beautiful it's just up for you to decide your favorite. Below is an explanation of different amethyst ring settings.

Solitaire Amethyst rings:

If you are like us and simply adore the natural beauty of an amethyst, then a solitaire ring setting is the way to go. Solitaire amethyst rings are bold, vibrant, and accurately represent the majesty of the stone. Because solitaire ring settings consist of just one massive amethyst it shows off the true power of the stone by itself.

Amethyst ring with side stones:

But what if you want something a little fancier. Well in that case you can opt to introduce diamond side stones into your amethyst ring. You can set smaller diamonds alongside any amethyst in various different ways, such as a channel setting or a halo setting. One ring setting we find absolutely jaw-dropping is the emerald/cushion cut amethyst rings with a diamond halo. However, you are not limited to just diamonds as your side stone, there are some other stones that look great next to amethyst.

Here are some side stone alternatives if you don’t want a diamond side stone setting:

  • Pearls: Pearls and Amethyst are like peanut butter and jelly they just work together and were destined for each other. Just looking at them together it's obvious why they are such a perfect couple.
  • Rubies: rubies, although quite colorful, should work well with your amethyst because they both have a warmer hue to them. However, sometimes the colors clash.
  • Citrine: Apparently these colors are supposed to work super well together. However, we have some mixed feelings about it. Citrine is an orangy yellow stone and next to the purple of the amethyst they create a stark contrast, one that we think may be too overwhelming. But if you are a Clemson college football fan maybe you would find that desirable? Remember jewelry is all about how you feel about the ring, so if you like something others don’t, do not let that stop you.

Note: when choosing a side stone be sure that the stone isn't so colorful that it overshadows the beauty of your prime amethyst. The amethyst should be the star in these rings not the side stones.

Amethyst pendant and necklaces.

Amethyst pendants are wildly popular. That purple allure goes great on the neck of any man or woman and truly brings out the natural color of the skin. Because of its popularity, Dunkin’s Diamonds offers hundreds of different amethysts pendant jewelry designs. With our vast variety of options, you won't have to worry about finding something that suits your style or interests.

Just like rings, you can also set your amethyst pendant with a diamond halo or channel setting. Additionally, the same side stones that work with amethyst rings work the same for pendants as well.

One of our favorite pendant styles that Dunkin’s Diamonds offers are the heart-shaped amethyst pendants as shown above.

Amethyst bracelets and earrings

Much like pendants, bracelets and earrings can be styled almost the exact same way as rings. Even though you don’t traditionally see amethyst bracelets and earrings too often, At Dunkin’s Diamonds we provide a variety of options for you to choose from. Below are some recommendations for each.


If you are looking to get an amethyst bracelet, we recommend getting a cushion-cut amethyst tennis bracelet as shown here. They are extraordinarily beautiful and look great all the way around the wrist. We also recommend single gemstone bracelets that allow the amethyst to shine in all its glory.


If you adore colorful earrings amethyst is always the way to go. The way the gemstone sits on your ear appears as if it has some magical energy that radiates a sense of majesty. We truly love looking at amethyst earrings, there is something so regal about it. If you are looking to get amethyst earrings, we recommend getting something that lets the stone shine, because earrings are typically smaller you don’t want to overcrowd the gemstone at such as small size, especially if you are getting a stud earring.

Wear it in style

Now that you know what to look for in amethyst jewelry the next step is to get out there and get yourself a nice amethyst piece. No matter what you choose Dunkin’s Diamonds will guide you through every step of the way and make sure you leave excited. Good luck shopping and don’t forget to wear that magical stone with confidence.