All about Sapphire and their magical color spectrum

Have you ever wondered what color sapphires are? If you were like us and thought they were just blue you would be wrong. Sapphires actually come in many colors and can even come in varying shades of those colors. There is probably a lot you don't know about sapphires, like why they have different colors, what each color means, and why they are believed to have magical properties. Therefore, in this article, we will take you on a magical journey about the wondrous array of sapphires and what each one represents.

Where are sapphires found?

Sapphires (corundum) actually come from all around the world. They are found in so many different places that each place has unique caches that can change the rarity, look, and even hardness of the stones. However, some of the most popular and frequent corundum caches are found in places like Sri Lanka and Cambodia to name a few.

Did I hear “ANY” color?

There are a lot of sapphires, more than you probably could imagine. There are pink sapphires, slightly less pink sapphires like Padparadscha Sapphires, black sapphires, and even white sapphires. Think of it this way, if it's a color you can probably get or find a sapphire out there with that color.

However, note that some sapphires, even though they are all made of corundum, can actually have completely different names depending on their color. Some different colored “sapphires” aren’t even considered sapphire altogether. They truly have an interesting nomenclature. In fact, the most common example is rubies, which are basically just red sapphires. Despite it all, there is a large world of colors yet to be explored, and we can't wait to share it with you! Below are every sapphire color options that we know of today. If we miss anything don't be surprised there are a lot.

Blue Sapphire:

Blue sapphires are by far the most common and the most recognized sapphire. When someone thinks of sapphire, they usually see this version of the gemstone in their mind.

  • Symbolism/Meaning: In ancient times Blue Sapphire represented hope and looking to the future. It meant that you had faith or that it instilled faith in your soul. In some cultures, they claim that wearing blue sapphire brings good fortune.

It has also been said that people who wear sapphires are protected against evil or harm. That when you wear a sapphire you are less likely to come across environmental misfortunes such as house fires and floods.’

  • Fun fact: “Neelam” or “Neelum” is an ancient Hindi name for “blue sapphire” and because of the symbolism behind blue sapphire the name is said to be lucky and to bring good fortune in the Hindu culture. If you ever meet someone with this name be sure to make them close, maybe their luck will rub off on you.

Note: If you want to learn more about Blue Sapphires you can check out our Blue Sapphires Jewelry Style Guide

Yellow Sapphire:

Surprisingly a lot of people don't know of the existence of this gorgeous sapphire hue. Yellow sapphires look shockingly similar to yellow diamonds and can be bought at lesser price points. These stones get their yellow hue from the heavy presence of iron inside the corundum when the sapphire is formed. It takes many years for the iron to give the stone that warm yellow hue but it certainly looks amazing.

  • Symbolism/Meaning: if you introduce a yellow sapphire to your life it is said to bring prosperity and help produce material wealth. It is also said that getting proposed to with a yellow sapphire signifies a lifetime of physical health for both you and your partner.

Orange Sapphire:

Since they are built similar to yellow sapphires orange sapphires are also made out of iron. But in addition to iron infusion, orange sapphires were formed with the element chromium as well giving it a sunset orange appearance. This exotic-looking gemstone radiates warmth and luxury and is certainly unique. Not many people can say that they were married with an orange sapphire ring, but those who have definitely have a story to tell. Plus, since they are not mined in large numbers, these gemstones are quite rare.

  • Symbolism/Meaning: Orange sapphire is said to boost creativity and grit for those who are artists, writers, or musicians. It has also been said that wearing an orange sapphire increases the chances that you get creative inspiration.

Green Sapphire:

Green sapphire has recently increased in popularity within the jewelry world, both for its gorgeous jade-like appearance and its rarity. Like yellow sapphire, green sapphire is made from trace elements of iron in its crystallization process. However, to make the sapphire green color there needs to be less iron in the sapphire than there is in yellow sapphire stones. The more iron the more yellow the gemstone will appear. The less iron the greener the stone will look when it mixes with the blue hue of the gemstone.

  • Symbolism/Meaning: Green Sapphires supposedly represent loyalty and trust. When you gift someone a green sapphire it is because you want them to know that you trust them and that you are loyal to them in return.

Red Sapphire (ruby):

When a sapphire gets to be this color it no longer is a sapphire. Like orange sapphires, chromium is responsible for giving sapphires a warmer color. Because of the severity of the chromium in “red sapphires,” they become an entirely different stone known as Ruby! However, in the industry, ruby is never referred to as red sapphire. Ruby is one of the most sought-after and praised gemstones across the world, and it was a sapphire the whole time! Who knew!

  • Symbolism/Meaning: Rubies are the gemstone of love and passion. They are the perfect gemstone to show someone how vast your love for them is and that your fire will never die.

If you want to know more about rubies, we have created a whole article about this fabulous gemstone.

Teal Sapphire:

Also known as Montana sapphire, teal sapphire is a hybrid between blue sapphires and green sapphires. But instead of being a perfect 50/50 of green and blue, there is slightly more yellow introduced into the crystal that makes that teal absolutely stunning.

  • Symbolism/Meaning: Teal sapphires are a mix of the calm deep blue of the oceans and the renewing energy of the great green Earth. Montana sapphires are a gemstone of harmony and represent a powerful bond between two individuals.

Violet Sapphire:

Purple sapphires are remarkable and are known to retain their gorgeous purple hue regardless of inclusions or blemishes. These stones are made the same way as any other sapphire but with the element of vanadium. Vanadium can give sapphires hues that range from lavender to deep dark purple. 

  • Symbolism/Meaning: Purple/ Violet Sapphire is known to give off feelings of peace and relaxation. When wearing this gemstone, you are supposed to be calmed by the embrace of the gemstone’s warmth and grandeur.

Padparadscha Sapphire:

As one of the cutest and rarest gemstones out there, Padparadscha sapphire is a gorgeous peach color that just begs to be made into jewelry. It's one of the most sought-after fancy sapphires as its color is absolutely gorgeous and unique. Its color is adjacent to that of tropical fruit and looks like it tastes like one. (Full disclosure, do not eat sapphires, no matter how fruity they look)

  • Symbolism/Meaning: this gemstone represents a wealth of things. Such as prosperity, honor, health, and luck. If you wear a Padparadscha Sapphire, you are apparently more likely to experience greater spikes of joy and have better foresight.
  • What does Padparadscha mean?

Pronounced pad-per-add-sha, this gemstone is named for its resemblance to that of magnificent pink lotus flowers. Its name actually translates to lotus blossom in Sanskrit derived from the Sinhalese word padma radschen.

Star Sapphire:

Have you ever heard of “asterism”? Well, if you haven't, asterism is the name we give a phenomenon that results in a starburst-like effect on gemstones. Asterism can come in many forms, some with many rays others with just a few rays. In other words, Star Sapphire looks like a starburst had imprinted its soul onto a sapphire. Because asterism is a phenomenon that happens to all sapphires they can appear in all colors. However, colors like green and orange are rarely seen with asterism. That means these stones and ones like them are rarer star sapphires that can go for a hefty price.

  • Symbolism/Meaning: star sapphires represent destiny and fate. Wearing a star sapphire is supposed to boost the power of the sapphire (your sapphire’s color) and even enhance your dreams to a psychic level.

Black Sapphire:

Black sapphires are formed like any other sapphires, but they get their dark hue from thousands of years of inclusions and imperfections forming with the stone. Because of the “imperfections”, the stone is unfortunately perceived as cheaper and maybe even unexceptionable to some people. However, there is hope, Black Sapphire has recently seen a resurgence and because of this is slowly gaining some more respect in the gemstone buying community. This stone is completely acceptable for an engagement ring is a great alternative to Onyx Gemstones and has this mystical black opaqueness that is so super magical.


This stone is known for deflecting negative energy from others. It has been said that while wearing a black sapphire you are less likely to succumb to intimidation or oppression from others. In a way, it increases your resilience and fortitude.

White Sapphire:

White sapphires are actually colorless sapphires. They are colorless for two reasons. One, because they are the purest form of corundum, and two because they lack trace elements like iron and chromium. Without trace elements, sapphire loses most of its color resulting in a very translucent/clear stone. These gemstones are quite rare and are an excellent choice for wedding rings or even engagement rings. Additionally, because these gems are so clear they work as perfect budget substitutes for diamonds.

Symbolism/Meaning: It has been said that white sapphires specifically boost artists' creativity and livelihood. Thus, it is said that wearing this stone can produce greater wealth for those in creative careers. However, even if you aren’t in a creative career the stone is also said to aid and guide tourists on their journeys across the world.

Parti-colored Sapphires:

Also known as ‘Color Changing Sapphire’ or ‘Corundum Chameleons’, Parti-colored sapphires consist of gemstones that have more than one color. Therefore, depending on the angle at which you look at it, the time of day, or the lighting, the stone can have different colors! These gemstones are truly out of this world and make for an always interesting and never boring multicolored addition to your jewelry collection.

Symbolism/Meaning: because there are so many wonderful combinations of parti-colored sapphires it would take a whole other article to cover them all. But if we had to sum it up…

If you wear Parti-colored sapphire, you are said to be super outgoing around those you are comfortable with and you are someone who lives a life not to be normal but to stand out from the rest.

Fancy Sapphires:

Sapphires can come in practically any color under the sun. Therefore, they must have a name to sum them all up into a category, right? We call all sapphires that aren't red or blue, fancy sapphires. Why do we call them that? Well, because they simply look fancy is all, we’re sure you would agree after seeing one in person.

Good luck shopping!

Since you are now informed on all the ins and outs of the different colored sapphires there is only one thing left to do. Head on over to the nearest jeweler, preferably Dunkin's Diamonds with our amazing prices, and get yourself that sapphire you have always wanted. Careful though, with all the captivating sapphire hues you might end up getting them all!